Café on Friday
At the Café
It was the last Friday of summer! I was about to go to the café with my Mom. My Mom gave me a smile. “Now let’s go, Stella,” said Mom. I ran my hand through my hair and I put on my headphones. My headphones are fake gems that sparkled. The background color is green and the heart is made out of fake pink gems. Me and my Mother got in the car and drove off to the café.
We arrived at the café and we sat at a small table. I took off my headphones and looked around. I saw a kid laughing as she talked to her brother. I saw a worker standing there unsure of what to do. Then I saw two people I’ve never seen before at the café. There was a teenage boy and his Father... I was guessing. The boy was turning towards me to sit down. I quickly started sipping the smoothie my Mom bought us. He had blond hair and dark brown eyes. He and his Dad sat down. I started looking at him again. Then he noticed me looking at him. He became shy as I looked over at him. This time I was obviously looking at him. My Mom and his Dad didn’t pay attention at all. About a minute later my Mom got out of her seat. “Come on, Stella, we need to go get shopping. Remember we need to find clothes for school,” reminded my Mom. “Yes, Mom,” I said as I got up. We got out of the café and walked over to the clothes shop. I got a yellow tank top and I got jean shorts that had flowers decorating them. We bought the clothes then walked out. But then I saw him again! He walked out and saw me again he looked at the floor blushing. This time I stared for a bit. Our parents were both texting. “Let’s go to the store,” said my Mom.
I entered the store. It had everything in it. From table cloths to video games. All the shelves were packed and you couldn’t buy something not on sale. Mom asked me to go get a towel for the kitchen. I walked over to the table cloth. Then I set my hand on the towel. But then I noticed another hand on the towel. “You again!” we both said. The blond haired boy looked at me with his dark brown eyes. “I-I’m Chase,” stuttered the teenager. “I’m Stella,” I said as I looked into his eyes. I stepped closer then I started to tilt backwards. Chase caught me. I started to blush. “Stella what’s taking so long!” snapped my Mother. “Coming Mother!” I said as I grabbed the towel. Chase grabbed the one behind the one I grabbed. Chase grinned as I gave him a wave.
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