Caged Bird
Wings fluttering fiercely in the cramped space,
Beak tearing relentlessly at the wire,
Black eyes never dulled by seas of sorrow,
Red feathers burning with a passionate fire.
All you know are the bars that cage your window
Into the beautiful, green world of life.
All you know is the iron lock
That will not open by even the sharpest knife.
Your home is lined with little gray scratches,
Your plumage nicked by tiny scars,
Hallmarks of your previous attempts
To fly among the sun and stars.
Many times, you’ve been discouraged,
For you’ve seen birds fly among the trees.
You’ve seen their mighty swoops, their graceful soars,
Beauty your clipped wings could never free.
But still, you keep tearing and pecking,
Keep splitting your metal bonds apart,
For little by little, the steel is breaking.
You know this by the fire burning in your heart.
Your flame of desire could slice open a diamond,
And soon enough, it will cause your cage to shatter,
For you know you have the potential to soar,
And your metallic prison will no longer matter.
So keep going, my bird,
Ignore those who question,
For soon you’ll be flying,
And you’ll gain their attention.
The birds who mock you will witness your radiant feathers,
They’ll witness your glorious swoops and dives,
They’ll see your beak touch the highest stars,
And they’ll understand what it means to fly.
So keep going, my determined bird,
For your fire is worth it, you’ll see.
You can burn down even the toughest prison
And show them even a caged bird is meant to fly free.
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