Now I’m all alone. Well, I’m alone with a practically insane woman, my grandmother. I have to go and live with her now that Daniel died. Died, bit the dust, passed on, got lost whatever the heck you want to call it. Just like our parents.
It’s after the funeral, and at the reception at my grandmother’s house. It doesn’t smell like your typical old lady’s house, though. It smells like French perfume and lemon Pledge. Disgusting.
While I sit on the couch and stuff my face with muffins and casserole, people give their condolences to my grandmother and ignore me, the angry teenager who’s brother died along with her parents. An orphan really. This is the first time I’m going to live with her since Daniel was 20 when Mom and Dad died. My stuff was already moved into her house because I have so little of it. All I really wanted to keep, though, was my rabbit, Harold. Don’t judge. Daniel got him for my last birthday, when I turned 17. The witch even is making me go to a private school, too. Uniform and the works. After a while I am so sick of the casseroles, I go up to my room and finally fall asleep. And don’t tell anyone, but I cried until I did.
That night I have a dream. I’m laying in a field of just overgrown grass but I see a bright red poppy next to me. Even weirder I’m also surrounded by a bunch of Harolds. I try to pick the poppy, I try and try, but it won’t budge. I try for what seems for hours, and finally I’m so exhausted, even in my sleep, I fall asleep.
Fast forward a couple of days. First day of school. I shove breakfast down my throat and head out the door.
“Bye, Witch!” I yell and sprint to catch the bus. I’m very late. Perfect. When I walk into the classroom almost 10 minutes late, every head turns in my direction. All of the kids are silent. I ignore them and stomp over to and empty desk in the back.
“Um... excuse me... Miss O’Malley, but you should come and politely introduce yourself to me.” says a woman standing in the front of the room and assume is my new homeroom teacher.
“Oh, no that’s ok don’t go through any trouble, Mrs.Whats-your-face.” I reply really peppy like. Her mouth forms an o shape. After a couple seconds she regains her poised manner and hisses,
“I know you’re new here and at your old school you might have been able to get away with behavior like that but I assure you that here is much, much different from your old school!”
“Doubt it!” I smile at her “ ‘cause I’m gonna get away with this!” then the bell rings and I bounce out of the room, and leaving Mrs. Something with her mouth agape.
All through the day I hear whispers that sound like Alex this and Alex that following me. Who’s Alex?
I sit alone at lunch at an empty table. Soon a blonde girl with a posse of other girls behind her. She sits across from me while the other girls stand.
“So”, she starts, and smiles a perfect smile “have you met Alex yet?”
She looks like she’s trying hard not to laugh. So do the other girls behind her.
“No not yet,” I reply, smiling back with equal finesse. “But I hope to soon!”
Her smile vanishes “Good ‘cause this is his table.”
And she walks away with a flourish. The other girls follow, giggling, in her wake.
Then the most gorgeous boy walks in. He has longish black hair and bright green eyes. He’s tall and lanky. Alex?
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