The biggest flames can be made by love...
Camp NightFlame
Camp NightFlame
“Five more minutes!” The loudspeakers screeched on the bus.
“Pipe, we’re almost there!” My best friend Caroline giggled.
“Carrie! Stop shouting in her ear!” My other best friend Lucas laughed.
“It’s okay, Luca.” I giggled.
“Why do we use nicknames?” Lucas asked us.
“Because it’s cool!” Caroline and I giggled.
We continued talking until the loudspeakers boomed “We’re here!”
Lucas, Caroline, and I jumped out of our seats and grabbed out suitcases.
We followed the line out of the bus. “Summer camp! Finally!” Carolina screamed as she jumped off the bus steps.
Lucas and I followed her as she ran to the check-in station. She signed our names.
We were assigned for everyone to go to the stage.
So Lucas followed the crowd and went to the stage. Caroline and I followed him.
“Hello everyone!” The camp owner smiled a huge smile and waved to everyone.
There was a wave of hello and hi’s.
“HI!” Caroline screamed.
Lucas and I laughed.
“So, you all know that this is summer camp, correct?” The camp owner continued.
There were nods and cheers.
“WHOO!” Caroline shouted at the top of her lungs.
“So, there are a few activities you may chose from. However, if you wish to not join the activities, there will be hikes, or if you want, you may roam around the camp.” The camp owner added.
There were more cheers.
“At night there will be songs around the campfire.”
More nods and cheers.
An assistant came around and handed us all a piece of paper will all the activities.
“I will call each of your names and tell you your cabin name. Once you hear your name and cabin name you shall go to the cabin your assigned to.”
Then she started listing names.
“Marilyn, your cabin is Moon.” The camp owner said.
“Charles, your cabin is Sun.”
“Samuel, you are assigned to cabin Sunset.”
“Ash, Moonrise.”
“Michael, go to Sunrise.”
“Oscar, go to Starlight.”
“Jill, Star.”
The camp owner listed more names and assigned them to Moon, Sun, Sunset, Moonrise, Sunrise, Starlight, and Star.
“Piper,” She called my name. “Moonrise.”
I walked into the third cabin down, Moonrise. There were six beds. Two were left.
There were two other girls and a boy. The boy introduced himself as Ash. The girl’s names were Willow and June.
Willow had long black hair and June had shot blonde hair that was pulled into a braid.
Ash had dirty blonde hair.
As I was thinking about the hair colors Caroline came racing in. “YAY! I’M WITH MY BESTIE!” She screamed and hopped onto an empty bed, then she threw her bags under her bed.
“How? I thought you got assigned to cabin Sun.” I asked.
“I told the owner I was moving into here, and she approved!” She giggled.
“You screamed at her didn’t you?”
“Yup!” She giggled.
I giggled too.
Then a tall, skinny boy came in and slammed his bags onto the bed next to mine.
“I’m Zach.” He announced.
“Hey.” We all said, then we introduced ourselves.
We all put our stuff away and laid on our bed talking.
“What cabin is Lucas in?” I asked Caroline.
I nodded.
Caroline came over to my bed.
“Let’s sign up for the same activities!”
We spoke about what activities were good.
In the end we decided:
Animal tracking on Monday
Self defense lessons on Tuesday
Rock climbing on Wednesday
Bird watching on Thursday
Karaoke on Friday
Saturday and Sunday we would roam around the camp and hike.
Camp would be pretty fun.
A speaker in our room said “Lights out!”
It was the camp owner. She continued, “The campfires will start tomorrow!”
Then, I fell asleep. Camp would be amazingly fun.

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