There is a good chance you read the title of this book hoping it was good and confused what it was about but I will explain everything to you.
This is a program that allows anything we want to do to campers happen. We will be bringing in 24 campers for challenges. Every challenge we will have some one that lost, if you lose then you are out of the camp war and will go home never to return. During the war there will be only one rule-not to leave the camp site. The prize you get if you are the last camper is 1,000,000,000 dollars or anything you wish for (20 items or less)So are you ready?
Here are the campers.
Arianna age 16 from Oklahoma
Brad age 17 from Texas
Catherine age 18 from Kansas
Dillon age 15 from Colorado
Emily age 16 from Arizona
Fred age 17 from California
Greg age 18 from Washington
Heather age 14 from Neveada
Irene age 15 from Georgia
Jake age 16 from Florida
Kayla age 17 from West Virginia
Lane age 18 from Maryland
Madilyn age 19 from Wisconsin
Nathan age 15 from Arkansas
Oliver age 16 from Louisiana
Patt age 17 from Alabama
Reba age 18 from Alaska
Stacy age 15 from South Dakota
Terence age 16 from North Dakota
Haylee age 17 from Mississippi
Nirra age 17 from Mississippi
Frank age 18 from New Hampshire
Brook age 15 from Oregon
Myle age 16 from Missouri
We have a place where they will introduce themselves and after that get the competition started.

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