Time to get ready
Elise walked into the barn one cool morning with a teal tee-shirt and white shorts. She had a royal blue lead-rope in one hand and a brush-box in the other. She dropped the box in front of a white stall door. Placed on the stall door was a silver name plate, written on the plate read: Prince Caspian. Elise smiled and drew the bolt, swinging open the door and reached out to stroke her beautiful Caspian horse. His smooth, fluffy silver hair felt soft under her fingers. Here is the humor of it, Prince Caspian was a character in the Narnia chronicles, when Elise got her horse, which its breed was a Caspian, she of course had the idea of naming it after the handsome prince. Caspian (His Nickname, we also call him Prince) nickered quietly. Elise smiled and grabbed her brushes. She grabbed the curry comb and started to brush. Soon enough she was done, tying her black hair up in a ponytail, she grabbed the lead rope and led Caspian outside. She grabbed the saddle, tacked him up, then got the bridle. She grabbed her helmet and started walking him out into the yard.
“There’s your duffel bag, once you get that on we just have to wait for the Redwoods” her mother said, from the back on Honeysuckle, her horse. Elise’s brother, Marcus, was riding Rilian. (Note, many horses will be from Narnia, sorry I’m obsessed). Elise narrowed her eyes and grabbed the duffel bag
“Is Lucas coming” she scowled as she swung up the bag
“Of course he is, Jasmine is coming to” Marcus said calmly.
“Fine” Elise mumbled, mounting Caspian. She fingered the necklace that hung over her neck. The necklace was a locket, but instead of only being able to hold Two photo’s, it could hold Three. The shape of the locket was a diamond, for she was born in April. In the middle was a picture of her last horse, Noble, who she had to sell, on the far right was Reepicheep, the mouse from Narnia, then on the far left one was Jewel, the unicorn. She clicked it open and stared at Noble’s innocent face. He was a beautiful chestnut with a white stripe down his face.
“Hey over here” someone called. Elise glanced over to see Mrs. Redwood and Mr. Redwood trotting down the hill towards him. Last was Jasmine and Lucas. Jasmine was riding her horse lavender, Lavender was an Appaloosa. Jasmine had ginger hair and blue eyes, she trotted over and stopped beside Caspian grinning.
“Hey Jaz” Elise said grinning. Jasmine nodded back and looked back at Lucas, who was coming down more slowly. Lucas had blue eyes, Blonde hair, and a nervous expression. I glanced down at the horse he was riding and screamed, she ripped of her necklace, careful enough to not break it, and stared down at the middle photo, tears streaming down her face.

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