WHen your own body iS your prison
Can You Hear Me?
“Even in his coma he might be able to hear you, so feel free to talk,” The doctor said. Opening the door to my hospital room, and holding it open for two people to enter.
I can hear you!! I screamed. As my mother and father walked into the room, looking worried.
“Hi dear,” my mother said, taking my limp hand, as the doctor quietly closed the door. “Your father and I are here. Your brother and sister are coming tomorrow.”
“And Kate is coming the day after that,” my father said. “She said she was sorry she couldn’t come sooner.”
I understand, she works really hard. With two part time jobs and school to worry about.
While Mom kept my hand in hers, Dad pulled two chairs over to the edge of my bed. They sat down, mom’s eyes never leaving my face.
They sat that way for a long time, Mom holding my hand, Dad with his arm around her shoulders. Then tears started to fall from Mom’s eyes, slowly at first, then faster. Dad hugged her as she sobbed into his shoulder.
Watching my Mother cry, I felt so helpless, stuck unable to comfort her. Then I noticed the tears in my Father’s eyes. My Dad didn’t cry, he was the one thing that was constantly calm and firm. Seeing my Father cry was scary.
I tried to reach out to them but my body, like always, didn’t respond.
My invisible body floated above my real body. I could see things, I could move around a little, but I couldn’t leave the room. And I couldn’t be seen, I couldn’t be heard, I couldn’t touch anyone.
I had tried to talk to the doctors and nurses, but no one ever saw or heard me. I could feel what my real body felt, but as if through something else.
After a while, my parents calmed down and stood up.
“Okay,” Father said. “Ann, we should head back, the kids will be worried.”
“Alright dear,” Mom answered. “Goodbye Jat, we’ll be back tomorrow with your siblings.” She leaned over me and kissed my forehead. “I love you.”
“We’ll see you tomorrow,” my father said, sweeping my hair around like he used to do when I was younger.
I love you too, see you tomorrow. I whispered, my own tears sliding down my invisible face. I wish you could hear me.
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