Book one in the candy land crush series
Game Over
Something Strange
James gasped as Callie nearly fell into the open sewer.
“Callie watch out!” he yelled.
James, Callie, Cole, and Miles has been walking home on a typical school day. They were walking when an open sewer went un noticed and Callie nearly fell in.
She steadied herself and took a breath, combing out her blonde hair. “My God. A little police tape never hurt anyone!” she smiled.
Miles sighed shakily with relief, running a hand through his neatly combed hair, ruining it as he did so. “Thank goodness you’re okay. The science of the edge you were on could have completely knocked you over. With your center of mass mixed with the trajectory of the force of motion....”
The other three rolled their eyes as Miles continued to frantically ramble about something involving science.
James looked around, but couldn’t find the opening of the sewer. He wondered why it was open.
That was beside the point.
The fall wind blew and James let out a breath.
Cole scoffed. “Guys, it’s only October, and I can see my breath when I breathe.”
Callie frowned, the cold making her cheeks rosy, James absently noticed. “That’s too bad,” she said. “I guess it will be a cold year.”
“Or,” James said, “the winter could come sooner, so spring will therefore come sooner.”
Cole nodded and Callie smiled.
Miles stepped forward, finally back, and cleared his throat. “Ahem, but shouldn’t we be getting home now. Talking about the winter won’t do anything to make it go away, the science is-“
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Cole interrupted. “Some science-y stuff we get it.”
James smiled weakly at Miles, who glared at Cole.
“Cole,” Miles said. “We’re fourteen. ‘Science-y’ isn’t even a word.”
Cole laughed. “I may be fourteen, but I’m nine at heart.”
“Clearly,” Miles muttered.
Callie shook her head and approached James. “Boys, am I right?”
James looked back at her. She smiled, and he returned it. “Yeah,” he laughed. “Boys suck.”
Callie laughed.
“Hey guys?” Cole suddenly called. “What’s that?”
James and Callie turned their heads, along with Miles, towards the field in which the Perkin’s house used to be; the mayor and his family. They squinted against the tired sun that was trying to peek over the autumn trees.
The field was spotless except for one small object.
A tiny sparkle in the field that shown against the sun’s sweet rays.
“Probably nothing important,” James shrugged, but not soon enough. Cole had already begun to walk towards it.
Callie laughed. “He’s right. He is still nine; attracted to shiny objects and all.” Callie shook her head before grabbing James’s hand and pulling him after Cole. “Come on!”
James shouted back at Miles. “You coming?”
Miles began to run reluctantly. “I see absolutely no point in this. It’s a shiny metal object how fascinating can it really be?”
By now he was caught up with James and Callie.
James shrugged. “Guess we’ll find out.”
Cole was kneeling by the object, curiously examining it. “I dunno what it is.”
The others leaned it closer.
Callie pushed her hair out of her face. “It’s a...goblet?
“Goblet?” asked the boys. Callie nodded. Goblets definitely were not the big hit here in Connecticut.
Cole picked it up. “Can we keep it? I’m sure no one will-“
Suddenly he stopped talking. And then...he was gone.
He just vanished. One minute he was there. The next he was gone. The goblet fell to the perfectly green grass.
“Where is he?” Miles cried. “Cole this is not funny.”
Miles picked up the goblet. “Where are-“
And then Miles was gone.
James and Callie looked at each other, eyes wide. “Wha- how did- should we...?”
The two stammered fragmented sentences. Callie picked up the goblet. “I don’t understand how this would-“
Callie was gone.
“Callie?” James cried. “Cole? Miles?”
This all happened very quickly. Too quickly. James couldn’t process it.
He looked back at their dropped backpacks near the sewer. He could get his backpack and walk home. He could pretend like this wasn’t happening.
James was sure that he would wake up in the morning and go to school to see them.
He nodded and began to walk back.
Then he turned.
He thought about it.
He picked up the goblet.
Suddenly the sun burst from the trees, swallowing the field and blinding him. The trees all seemed to wave down on him and suddenly he was sucked up by light.
James felt the feeling of floating and he desperately kicked his feet to find solid ground.
He felt sick. What did he do?
What if they weren’t there when this ended?
What if he was all alone now?
The light took over and soon James was blinded.
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