The world of magic, a world of upcoming war
Catpoia, My World
Hi friends! My named is Viola Diana Catherine Ruba, but I am known as Agent V. Me and my friends- What am I doing! I need to be polite! So, as I was saying, my friends and I all came from different pasts, but we all work together to stop an ancient organization called the D.O.G.S. That stands for Destruction Of Genetics and Super-cats. Yes, I did just say Super-cats but, this isn’t the right time. Listen and I will explain our pasts and the mysteries of the D.O.G.S.
Our members are Ray Tamils, Catherine Factious (but call her Cate), Izzy Purbreo, and Leo Tanella( plus me! ). But now, it is time to explain that the world is dangerous, for D.O.G.S agents are everywhere. Their job is to spy on people who they think are members of our rebel group, C.A.T.S. I would explain that, but I do not have time. We are wanted rebels, sentenced to be held in the.... -its the worst place ever. I cannot bear to say it now. When I was there....-never mind. But It’s time I say what everyone says now,
lend me your ear, and I will tell the tale, but,-
Um..... that is super weird......
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