The heroic tale of
I looked in the mirror. I saw a girl staring back.
A girl with straight black hair, light skin, perfect complexion, large black eyes with long and full eyelashes, a small and pointy nose, full pink lips, and a gentle smile. That girl was wearing a school uniform consisting of a red and white blouse and black skirt.
My name is Cedar Ong, and it’s my first day of Secondary.
“Quickly, Cedar! You’re going to get late for school! Today also have after-school activity, ah? Aiyoh! Schools these days! They say your child will be very happy in this school! Phwoah! I tell them to go eat snake! What do they mean by happy, when the parent isn’t happy? Anyways, chop-chop, Cedar! Can’t miss the bus!”
That was my mother with her total Singlish (Singaporean-broken-English) accent. I have a slightly milder accent.
I hoisted my bag to my shoulders, and stepped outside.
The sky was blue, the sun was shining, but there was still a very slight chill in the humid and breezy air, as it had rained just before.
Ah, I thought this is my Singapore.
I inhaled the earthy scent that was wafting around, then made my way to the bus stop.
The bus arrived after a few minutes, and I stepped in. The bus driver, Mr Chan, smiled and greeted me.
“Good morning, Cedar,”
“Hello, uncle!”
I climbed the stairs that led to the upper deck of the bus. The front seats were empty, so that’s where I sat down.
The bus came to a halt at the bus stand right next to Arbor Secondary, a large white and blue building that was filling in with excited students. This is my school.
Author’s Note~
Hey guys! Sorry if you didn’t really get what Cedar’s mum said, or why Cedar called Mr Chan ‘uncle’. In Asia, we respect our elders so we don’t address them by their first name, or get formal and call them Mr—- or Mrs—- unless they are our teachers. We just call them ‘uncle’ or ‘auntie’. And to explain what her mum said... well, I really can’t- she was speaking in a Singaporean accent; so, um, try to understand.

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