Fallen angels. A curse. demons. angels.
Changing You Back
I Found You... Again
I tuck the ends of my golden hair behind my ears. I pat down the annoying apron.
“Okay, what can I get for you?” I ask, still looking at my order sheet.
“Uh... a medium mocha latte,” says a voice. The voice reminds me of the order I know so well, using the voice I use to love.
“Oh... and a cinnamon scone, to-go please,” and with that, I look up, in terror, and see the face I am so scared of.
His green eyes widen as they stare into my blue ones. Oh, those eyes, the emerald shade, almost glowing. His eyes. I blink my eyes. No. No. No.
He’s still there. I dig my fingernails into the palm of my hands.
Still there.
“Daniel?” I whisper. He just looks at me.
I clear my throat, seeing my boss peak his bald head around the corner.
“Will that be all?”
He nods.
“Okay, medium latte, and a cinnamon scone, four dollars and thirty-seven cents.”
“Can I have a name?”
“You already know mine,” he replies, then he takes his receipt and walks away. I finish typing in his order. when it asks for a name, I type in his name.
Daniel. Such an innocent-sounding name for someone as complicated as him.
It was just last year. I knew he was acting weird. Not-cheating-on-you weird, but I’m-keeping-something-from-you-please-ask-me-about-it weird. I asked hi about it repeatedly. He wouldn’t tell me. He would just run his hand through his gorgeous hair, and say, “One day I’ll tell you everything.”
And I’m like, what is this, are you reading the back of Embrace, by Jessica Shirvington? Which, by the way, is one of the best books/series, like, ever.
Anyway, that day finally came. He looked into my eyes, grasped my hands, and pulled them against his chest, where I could feel his heart beating.
“Do you trust me?” he asked me, letting me look deeply into those green eyes. I tried not to think of Aladdin. I nodded slowly.
His jaw clenched and he rolled back his shoulders, as if working out a knot. I lifted an eyebrow, confused.
He sticks up his pointer finger, hold on.
I nod. Suddenly, something white bursts out from behind Daniel. I start to scream, the noise quickly filling up the dorm. Daniel clamps a hand over my mouth. I stab at the air, pointing rapidly behind him.
“I know,” he says. when he sees my eyes are calming down, he removes his hand from my mouth. I step away from him. He waits for my next reaction, looking at me with those thrilling green eyes.
“What are those?” I ask, walking around him. They’re at least three times bigger than he is.
“They’re me,” I stare at him, “they’re my wings.”
“What are you?”
“I’m your Daniel.”
“I know that, but what are you?”
“I’m a fallen angel.”
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