Chasing Fireflies
“The legend says, that the princess brought one candle, for it was her birthday, lit it up, blew it out, and threw it in the lake.” “What happened next?” I asked. “She climbed up onto the rail, and she jumped 40 feet all the way into the water.” “Wo-ah!” I exclaimed. It was almost Día de las Brujas, the Mexican Halloween. My name is Maddie, and for Día de las Brujas, I am dressing up as La Llorona, Spanish for the crying woman. Movies have been made about her. My Mother was just telling me about a ghost named, La Canpuetero. Ghost princess, who hated life, and most of all, HATED her birthday. No one really knows why. She left her dear prince, De la Canpuetero. They loved more than ever, and after the princesses body was found, De la disappeared. And people have seen both of there, well, ghosts. I don’t believe in ghosts. Stupid, little myths. The last person to see the princess was Amaya Lukensteffer, and she saw the princess, blow out the candle and jump in the water. She ran to town and reported this. At first, no one believed. But they found her body the next week. I think that’s creepy. Eww. Ghosts. Hmm. “Goodnight, Maddie,” My mom said, as she kissed my forehead with her cracky lips. “Night, Mama.” My mother walked out of my room and shut the light off. “Mom! The door!” I yelled. She came back and shut the door. And then suddenly, a shiver went up and down my back. “Mom? Momma?” I called. No answer. “Mom! Mom!” I yelled. No answer. I grabbed my phone on my nightstand. I turned on the flash and looked around, using it as light. “Helloooo? Anyone in here?” All of a sudden, I felt something jump on my bed. “Who is it! You shoo! You aren’t-.” There was Mittens my cat. “Oh you crazy cat... did Mom lock you in here?” She purred a soft purr. I could almost understand her, like she was saying, Yes, she did. Then all of a sudden, I heard a sound in the living room. It sounded like the T.V. Was on... I gulped and said nothing. I took a deep breath, and rolled over. It’s just Mom. I thought it’s just-

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