Is Alec worth it?
Chasing Hope
Summer is H-E-R-E
Hope P.O.V.
Everywhere I go, the voices ring: Schools out, summer is here. I’m also glad, since summer means more freedom and less homework. It also means more time with Alec Rider.
Just a mere three and a half months ago, celebrity Alec Rider, actor, came to our little town of Willow. And in just a mere three months, I fell in love with him and vice versa. But there are troubles in our way: Rover, my best friend. Mel, my best enemy. Ky, my ex. So basically you could say my life’s a drama movie.
Anyway, this summer is gonna be epic. Because Alec just invited me to stay at New York City, his home, for the summer! Mom and Dad already agreed, and just one more week till I go.
Best of all, that meant no more Mel and, as rude as this sounds, Rover. I mean, a no-drama three months would be like paradise. Just me and Alec, alone, for a long time.
I sighed, feeling as if this was a dream.
Alec P.O.V.
Hope was elated that we were going to NYC this summer. After all, this was the perfect escape from all the craziness here at Willow. Here’s how it went:
“Hey, Hope,” I said. “Where’re you going for summer vacation?”
“Well, I have to go all the way to the refrigerator and back,” she joked.
I laughed. “If it’s all right with your parents...I’d like to take you somewhere.”
Her face brightened. “Where?”
“New York City, my, well, first home,” I answered.
“What?!” Hope shouted. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I can’t believe it!” she crushed me with a hug. “You’re the best, Alec.”
I looked at the two tickets in my hand. First class. Hope was going to have the time of her life.
Rover P.O.V.
“Schools out, bro!” my friend, Samuel practically screamed in my ear.
I nodded, pretending to be excited. “Yes, summer’s here.”
Sam draped an arm around me. “Wanna come over now? I’ve got mini hot dogs and an eight pack coke tied all up with Dungeons & Dragons.”
Typical Sam. We’ve got three months of fun and all we had were video games and hot dogs.
“Sure,” I agreed.
Half and hour later
“Okay, one question:” I said to Sam. “Your sister’s Mel?!”
Sam shrugged. “Yeah. So? Does that bother you?”
Yes, that does bother me. A LOT. “So you guys are twins?”
“So she’s gonna be here while we play D&D?”
“Pretty much.”
Then I kinda fainted inside my mind.
Mel P.O.V.
Great. Rover was gonna come over to my house practically every. Single. Day. Why did Sam have to be so bad at picking friends?
So, I just went downstairs to get a glass of mint tea, when I saw Rover. Being my awesome self, I just ignored him. Well, sort of.
“Great, you’re here,” I muttered.
“I’m sorry,” Rover replied sarcastically. “ am I bothering you?”
I smiled, and snapped back, “Keep your hands OFF all of my stuff, okay? If you don’t...”
Rover shrugged. “Message received.”
It was going to be a long summer.

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