CHEESY Girl will have a crazy funny day!
Cheesy Girl
Act One
NARRATOR: In the living room...
(ANNIE, the mom, enters the room and sees her coffee on the table.)
ANNIE: COFFEE! I love coffee! (Gives her coffee plush a squeeze)
(KATIE, ANNIE’s daughter, walks in)
KATIE: Mom, my-
ANNIE: SHHHHH! I haven’t had my coffee yet! (Glares at KATIE)
(MICHAEL, ANNIE’s son, enters.)
MICHAEL: Good morni-
(KATIE writes on a piece of paper and passes to MICHAEL. MICHAEL nods, then leaves the room. KATIE follows.)
[Enter KATIE’s bedroom]
KATIE: So, I was thinking, if we can get Mom’s attention in a bad way first, and then a good way every morning for a month or so, maybe she will be less grumpy in the morning!
MICHAEL:(Looking surprised) Yeah, that might work. Here, lets do this first! (Pops a balloon.)
KATIE:(Looks horrified) I didn’t mean start today! (MICHAEL and KATIE look at each other and Katie sees his expression. Both burst into laughter.
MICHAEL: (Stops laughing) Wait. Why isn’t mom coming up or saying anything about the ruckus?
KATIE: (Stops laughing) Should we go see what she is doing? (notices stuffed animals in MICHAEL’s arms.) And how did you get those stuffed animals so fast?
MICHAEL: A magician never tells his secrets! (wiggles eyebrows)
KATIE: Lets go check on Mom.
(MICHAEL nods and follows Katie out the door.
(KATIE and MICHAEL enter the kitchen. ANNIE is sitting on a pile of papers trying to do 5 things at once. A lollipop flies into the air and lands in her hair.)
ANNIE:(Looks up) Hey kids. Could you help me out here?
KATIE and MICHAEL: Sure! What do you need help with?
ANNIE: Everything!
KATIE: Uh, Mom? That’s not really an answer.
ANNIE: (Hands KATIE a list) Here are the things I need done today, starting... Now!
(ANNIE leaves and starts to play with the cat. MICHAEL and KATIE stare at the paper, then at each other and shrug)
MICHAEL and Katie: Well, lets get started!(Both leave kitchen)
[ANNIE enters the attic]
ANNIE:(Walks around the attic and picks up a box) HOORAY! I finally found my childhood stuff! (ANNIE pulls out a doll and starts playing with it. She starts talking in a high voice) Oh, Annie! How I’ve missed you do you want to play? (ANNIE changes back into her normal voice) Yes! Dum- dee- dumdee-dum!
(The CAT enters the room.)
CAT: Meow. Purr, purr. (ANNIE waves the doll in front of the cats face) HISS! MEOW!
ANNIE: (pulls out a photo and smiles.) I remember this! My umbrella fell and I rode through the lake in it. That was fun!
CAT: Meow meow Meowy Meow! Purr, purr!
ANNIE: Looks like we are both happy for this break, huh?
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