“We’re just two different flowers out of an entire meadow.”
Cherry tree Queens.
Feeling plain (Addison’s P.O.V).
I looked up at the grey sky around me as droplets of rain dripped from the clouds. My skirt weighed itself down on my waist due to the rain soaking it til it became an even darker shade of blue. It was days like these that I really hated school, my dad starting at 5:3o am and my mom being absent in my life. Therapists say she committed suicide while my father goes on saying she was screwed up in the head. Father never understood mental illnesses, mother had OCD and depression and it often became to much to handle for. that’s why she... did what she did.
I often considered myself a plain 15 year-old. Long straight black hair with a flat fringe, Violet eyes, a face that always wears an empty frown. I always just stared into the distance with an unreadable expression during classes or when I don’t care for anything. Psychiatrists say it’s from trauma, dad says it’s probably some sort of Gene I got from mother. Addison Yang, a 15 year-old Chinese girl who barely utters a word even though she is quite fluent in English. Until I was 13 I lived in Shanghai but then Father got a job offer with a high pay in a town called Dannevirke. It’s a small and quiet town but it also appears as a very interesting place like the fish n’ chip shops and the bakery’s and such.
The high school building silhouette soon emerged in the fog. I rolled up my sleeve to check the time. 8:45.
“crap.” I muttered. In this high school we start at 8:50 and to be honest I am quite late often but that is only because I only started here a month ago, before then for two years I was home-schooled. I picked up my slow pace into a full sprint not caring how wet my socks would be.
“Miss Yang, late again I see.” My teacher frowned but was then replaced it with a smile. Mr Anderson is an odd man, bothered for one second then the next he’s as happy as a lamb. His daughter, Isla, also is like that except there’s never a moment where you see her upset. I walked to the back of the class where I normally sat while trying to avoid the gaze of my fellow classmates.
Even after I sat down and let Mr Anderson presume his lecture people were staring at me. They often said things behind my back, I never hear or see them do so but I can tell. Just then a note landed on my desk. I just stared at the words encrypted on the piece of paper as mocking whispers were sent around the room.
“M-Mr Anderson, May I be excused?” I quivered.
“you just got here... (sigh) Fine you may leave but I will have to give you an after-school detention slip.” He flatly remarked. I nodded as a response before jogging out of the class and rushing to the bathrooms. As I ran past the many and busy classes the students inside turned their directions towards me.
I slammed the stall door behind me and let myself slide down until I felt the marble floor beneath me. Very rarely I cried just as I rarely show emotions, hence the word Plain. I let a tear slowly stream down my cheek before letting a couple more slide. Once my small ‘sorrow session’ was done I rose up from the floor and stared at the mirror with a sudden demand I had to do. I breathed onto the reflective surface and engraved the word freak.
Realizing I have been hiding in the bathroom for almost the entire period I decided it was time to face the world. I erased the writing from the mirror and wiped away the remaining tears. Before I unlocked the door I stared down at the note in my hand and held it in front of my face before ripping it up into little shreds. Somehow I could still see the word.
Addison Yang. 15 year old freak

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