Who doesn’t love...
Do you REALLY need that second bar...?
Across hundreds of countries in a thousand dining rooms.
There’s a plea we all have heard before as a Mother’s tired voice booms.
“Can you please just try to eat your greens, they are so good for you!”
While you’re wanting a neat sweet treat, that’s way long overdue.
It’s as comforting as grandma’s kiss, so much it makes you sigh.
It lifts you up like dad’s wild hugs, so happy you could cry.
It’s nutty when you have it cold and runny when it’s hot.
When your world is tumbling down round you, it sure does hit the spot!
It comes in different sizes, but be honest, big is best!
When you feel it tickling your tongue, you know you’re truly blessed.
Yet this sweet treat has properties that requires some explanation.
Like what would happen if consumed without strict moderation?
There is no doubt, euphoria is a feeling that it brings.
Though there’s a darker side that lurks that offers other things.
If you share it out to all your friends you will be so admired
But soon, all food will be ignored for it’s a sweet treat that’s required.
There are as many packages as its scrummy, yummy tastes.
Who surf upon a tidal wave of ever expanding waists.
When people brag that in the gym they ‘bench’ two hundred pounds.
I really hope that it’s not you making those snapping sounds!
Yes, chocolate can be your best friend that helps you through the day.
But like ‘best friends’ it can persuade your ‘good’ to go astray.
What started as a single square can soon become a bar.
Till your consuming five a day which is slightly bizarre!
Small pimples on your forehead you can’t hide now with your hair.
You don’t understand the mystery of your shrinking underwear?
Your friends will ask and you’ll reply...”They’re just my little sweeties.”
Until the doctor glumly sighs... “My friend...it’s diabetes!”
Now exercise and chocolate, rarely see much eye to eye.
So now’s the chance to find your discipline and reapply.
Perspiration and endorphins will help ease that sweet tooth craving.
You’ll start to feel much happier knowing it’s your life you’re saving.
The best things in life seem hard to reach, so please, never give in!
Beating destructive habits allows your true life to begin.
Removing sugar from your brain will halt that gnawing yearning.
Allowing that bright mind of yours to once again start learning.
Moderation is the key, just one small treat a day.
So soon, your body and your mind will happily repay.
By erasing those small pimples, gifting you a clear complexion.
Leaving you to browse the smaller size of your underwear collection.
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