a fall favorIte
Cinnamon Latte
Week 1: The Very Beginning
Kyle’s Point of View
Just like any other ordinary day, I walk I walk down the long hallway to get to my 1st period class, English. English with Mr. G always turns out exciting.
When I enter the room everyone turns their heads to look at me. They immediately start whispering. “Mr. Mills?”
I turn to face the teacher. “Yes Mr. G?” I ask not knowing what to do.
He raises his big hand and motions for me to come. “You need to go to the office. The principal needs to have a word with you,” he says.
I can feel all of the color draining out of my face. I simply nods and head back out the door.
Claire’s Point of View
I’m sitting in a firm leather chair looking around the principal’s office. The principal was going on and on about the school rules and my class schedule, and how I should never eat the cafeteria pizza, when a guy slowly walked in.
I closely studied him. He was a sturdy figure with blonde straight hair. You could tell by the way he stands hes teachers pet and a football player. I turn my attention to the principal who must not have noticed the blonde walk in.
The guy coughed trying to get the principal’s attention. I giggled slightly. “Is there something I said to amuse you, Miss Willow?” The principal asked arching an eyebrow but didn’t wait for an answer.
“Ah, Mr. Mills. Glad you can join us. Please take a seat,” he said.
‘Mr. Mills’ took the seat next to mine and gave me a quick smile, despite the look in his eyes, which were telling a different story.
Kyle POV
I study the girl. Long soft brown hair, playful brown eyes, and very slightly tanned skin. I note that she has natural highlights in her hair. “Am I in trouble?” I finally interrupted the principal.
“In trouble?” He repeated slowly. “No. Why would you be in trouble? This is Claire, she’s new here. She has a room 2 doors away from yours. She needs to be shown around the school and be taught the ways of our school. You are the best person to do that. Of course if you don’t want to, you simply don’t have to, Mr. Mills,” Mr. Honeycomb states.
“Thank you sir for the offer. But I would like to help the lady out,”’I give her a cold glare.
“Great! Now you too start at study hall and work all the way up to her room. I have notified all of your teachers about what you are doing, and why they won’t see you in class. Please take your ID and a hall pass just in case. Now you may go,” he said dismissing the two kids.
Claire’s POV
“And over here we have all the science classes. Just past that over there is the art room and math classes,” Kyle was saying. I wasn’t really paying much attention to him or this little tour he was giving me.
The school isn’t as bad as I imagined it would be. It’s colorful and creative. But you could tell that it has a boring side. I look up at Kyle and say “Is it fun here or could it use work? What do you like most about this school? Are there any dances coming up?”
He gives me a slightly confused look. “Um well... the school has some fun activities like the art competition, football games, and other things as for dances, we have one coming up to celebrate Christmas. I really enjoy going to football games and reading in the library,” Kyle says continuing down the empty hall.
Taking a few more turns down the silent halls we came up to my room. Of course I’ve already been there in order to get my things all situated. I for one really love the look that my room has. A mix of chic and vintage. “And here we are at the end of the tour. My room is just down that way: number 308. If you need anything just stop by. Now I believe you should get going to your English class, Miss Willows. Mr. G doesn’t like people being late,” Kyle says and stalks away leaving me alone.
I continue down the hall and wander away...
Kyle POV
Ugh!!! That girl made me miss most of my classes! I think angerily. I should have just said “sorry no” and not even help her. Then I wouldn’t be here in this mess. I start to imagine all of the homework that I would have to make up for. I shake the negative thoughts from my head.
“OMG! KYLE!” A girl cries and runs up to me.
My frown becomes even larger. “Angie. How may I help you?” I ask trying to be nice.
I absolutely despise Angie. She’s like one of those stuck up cheerleaders who dates football players. And in all honesty, she wears too much make up.
“Well I was wondering if you could help me with my locker. It got jammed again,”Angie says in a whinny voice.
“Look Angie. As much as I want to help I can’t I got to go to Ms. Tier to get my homework for math. And I know your locker isn’t jammed,” I say walking away from her and her groupie.
Behind me I can hear her friends oohing and giggling, when a cold hand grabs my wrist. I roll my eyes annoyed. “Don’t you dare turn your back to me Mr. Mills.” Angie says angerily.
“Well Angie, I most certainly can. You don’t own me, missy,” I hiss.
I shake her hand off of my wrist and storm off. That should teach her a lesson I think to myself.
I just can’t stop thinking about her. I just saw her walking down the hall with Kyle. Of course Kyle. Of course my two good shoes brother. “Mr. Mills?” I stare blankly at my teacher. “The answer is 78?” I guess helplessly.
Ms. Tier growls and scolds the class about paying attention. I ignore everything and go back to my thinking. I think about her perfect brown locks of hair. Her lovely smile, and how it could light up a dark room. Her sparkling eyes. Again my thinking was interrupted. But this time it wasn’t the sound of my teacher. (Thankfully it was the bell this time).
“Mr. Mills?” I stop in my tracks and slowly turn around.
“Yes, Ms. Tier?” I try hard not to sound frustrated.
“Please pay more attention in class. Your grades have dropped severely, and I’m worried about you. Maybe you should ask your brother for help?” Ms. Tier suggests.
“I’ll see about that. And I get the lessons Ms. Tier. Don’t worry about me, really. Just a lot of things are going on right now, so please try to understand,” and with that I turn and walk out the door.
A lot of things going on right now? Seriously? I mentally slap my self in the head as I walk down to my room at the end of the day.
Claire’s POV
“Kyle? You in there?” I knock on the door. But instead of him answering its someone else.
“I’m sorry, but is Kyle Mills around? I needed to ask him about the library...” My voice trailed off. I looked up from the ground and locked eyes with this boy’s eyes.
I immediately started blushing. He kinda looked like Kyle but cuter. WAY cuter. Like Kyle he had dirty blonde hair, but has brown eyes instead of green eyes like Kyle. There’s something about him that makes him so cute... I just can’t put my finger on it.
“Sorry Kyle isn’t here. I’m Ace his brother and roommate. What did you need to know about the library?” He asked.
“I needed to know were it is. He said it was down a hall and I can’t find it. I just needed to know we’re it is but since he’s not here, I best be on my way,” I say turning away.
“Wait!” He calls after me. “I know were it is. I can show you the way over there!” He says running after me. I give him a smile and continue walking. “Um.. the Library is the other way?” He points out.
I give him an embarrassed look and turn the other way and walk to the library.
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