18th Primary school of kalamata
Circus for gorillas
Once upon a time there was an architect who lived in Japan. He had a tall sister who liked going windsurfing and a slim wife who taught maths. One evening the three of them decided to go to the cinema to watch a film about gorillas in a circus.
In the film, there were big gorillas and smaller ones, happy gorillas and others that looked sad, but every gorilla was trained to do something different: one of them could write his name on a blackboard, another one could swim in the water, a third one could ride a bike.
A big gorilla knew when to feed the hungry ones and he was trained to give the banana skins to the children in the audience.
But a very old and dirty gorilla wasn’ t trained at all and he was sad and angry. His dream had always been to fly but the people at the circus were trying to teach him how to ice skate.
One day, while training, he got so angry that he ice skated very fast, tore the cinema screen and came out of it flying over the architect’ s and his wife’ s heads. The people watching the movie got so scared that they started running out of the cinema but the gorilla’ s dream to fly had finally come true!!
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