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City of Secrets
The woman opened the doors to the police station with a sigh. She was sheltered from the cold, even if it did mean she had to deal with certain people who she may or may not like to be around.
“Georgia! Georgia Crypt!”
She rolled her eyes at the sound of the voice and reluctantly turned around to face her colleague; Steve Jenkins.
“You’re the new girl, aren’t you?” Steve said, his smile a little too wide and his eyes a little too interested.
“Yes,” Georgia said curtly, walking to her desk and hoping he wouldn’t follow. Unfortunately, he did.
“That means,” Steve continued excitedly, “That you don’t have a partner yet.”
He annoyed everyone; one of the many reasons why he didn’t have a partner. She had been told this by a senior officer the other day; the nice one. She racked her brains for a name. Harold. Harold Yen, the one who’d officially welcomed her and offered her one of his doughnuts. Georgia smiled at the memory, forgetting Steve was there. Steve, unfortunately, took this as an answer.
“I can see you’re just as excited as I am about this,” he said happily, and Georgia tried not to look too annoyed. She was awaiting an audience with the Chief Commissioner, Alyssa Nereidi, who would choose her partner.
Not this guy, she prayed silently, Anyone but this guy. Please.
“She’s probably going to choose me as your partner,” Steve told me quietly, leaning in. She fought the urge to gag at his overpowering cologne when suddenly a hand appeared on his shoulder and forced him back.
“That’s enough, Jenkins,” the Chief Commissioner said sternly, before leaning away from him in order to see me better. “Ms Crypt, if you could come with me, please.”
“Yes, miss,” Georgia replied gratefully, following her through to her office.
Three years ago...
“So you’re here for a job, then?” Alyssa asked suspiciously. The woman seated across from her nodded.
“Yes, miss.”
“And that’s it?”
“Yes, miss.”
Alyssa wasn’t sure. “What will your alias be?”
“K,” the woman said.
“K?” Alyssa asked confusedly, not sure if she’d heard her right.
“Yes, miss,” the woman confirmed. “Detective Inspector K.”
“And that’s fine with you?”
“Of course,” the woman replied, giving Alyssa a strange look. “I wouldn’t have suggested it otherwise.”
“True,” Alyssa remarked, “Qualifications?”
“Degrees in both Criminology and Mythology,” the woman said, and Alyssa tried not to laugh.
“Yes, miss,” the woman said again.
“When is that going to help you, exactly?” Alyssa asked, and the woman grinned wolfishly.
“You never know,” she said, and Alyssa had to agree with her logic, if you could call it logic.
“Any preference for partners?” Alyssa asked, “We have a few people who don’t have any.”
“I prefer to work alone,” Detective Inspector K told her, “I tend to unnerve people. I don’t make friends easily.”
“If you want me to have a partner,” the woman sighed, leaning back in her chair, “Give me a partner. Just one condition.”
“Not Jenkins,” she said, “Anyone but Jenkins.”
Alyssa grinned. She liked this woman. “Agreed. But... are those going to work?” She pointed to the leather bands that she was wearing on both wrists; each one was two inches long and looked to be around half a centimetre thick and the leather was engraved with silver runes.
“Of course,” the Detective Inspector K replied, “They block magic. My brother made them.”
And Alyssa looked into her icy blue-grey eyes, she frowned. “Will disguises hold when your magic is blocked?”
Detective Inspector K laughed. “I usually have dark hair. I can’t change much. It’ll work. Trust me.”
Alyssa looked her dead in the eye. “I trust you,” she said carefully, before offering her hand for K to shake, which she did. “You’re hired.”
Georgia sat down in the chair opposite Alyssa’s and prepared for her interview. Technically, she hadn’t been hired yet; she was visiting the station having been transferred from her old one for... never mind.
“So, you’re here for a job as...?” Alyssa asked uncertainly.
“Detective,” Georgia answered helpfully, and Alyssa nodded.
“Okay,” the Chief Commissioner said, hesitating. “How do you feel about having a partner?”
“A partner?” Georgia asked confusedly. “Uh... I kinda like working alone, but if you want me to have a partner, I’ll have a partner... I just don’t exactly work well with people...”
Alyssa half-smiled slightly and Georgia frowned. “What?”
“There’s a woman who came to me three years ago,” Alyssa told her, “Who said the same thing. She doesn’t have a partner. She’s had partners, but... none of them worked for her.”
“Why?” She asked curiously.
“She’s brilliant,” the Chief Commissioner said, “She’s a genius in her own right. She just... a lot of people don’t understand her genius. She doesn’t make friends easily. Trust issues, that sort of thing.”
“And you want me as her partner?”
Alyssa laughed. “I’m not throwing you off the deep end,” she assured Georgia, “But... I’d like to see the two of you together. See how well you work as a unit.”
“Uh, okay,” Georgia said uncertainly, and Alyssa grinned.
“Good,” she said, and Georgia hesitantly smiled too.
“Any other questions?” Georgia asked the Chief Commissioner.
“Degrees and experience.”
“I have a degree in Criminology and Cryptology,” Georgia answered, “And I used to be a nurse, so I’ve seen a fair share of injuries.”
“Then welcome to the force, Detective Crypt.”
Georgia grinned. “Thank you, Chief Commissioner. When do I meet my new partner?”
Alyssa grinned. “Now, if you like. She’ll be on standby outside the interrogation room. She does an extraordinary bad cop.”

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