Civil War
Ann screamed, she held the infant in her arms and cradled her. She also screamed, she screamed loud.
The man walked into the baby’s eerie bedroom where she and Ann cowered in a dark corner. The man was built like a house, he was topless and on his square chest was a tattoo of a dragon, this was obscured by the many scares that twisted across his muscles. In his gargantuan hand was a numb-chuck, and he had ponytail of green dyed hair.
Although his appearance was frightening, Ann prevented herself from giving in to the terror, she had to stay calm. Ann held the cring child infront her and placed her shaking hand on her chest, the child dissapered and Ann stepped forward. The big man stepped forward.
“Where’d you send the child, Ann?” His voice was gruff and menacing, “You send her to Earth, huh?”
Ann kept quiet.
“I said, WHERE’D YOU SEND HER!?” He roared, then raised the numb chuck over her face and hit her lightly. A thin stream of blood twisted down Ann’s pale face, but Ann was strong, if she had to die for her child then so be it. She thought about her child, how would she cope having no idea of her birth place or her family? Would she be okey growing up in an orphanage or a children’s home? At least Earth would be safer the Eeth.
Ann’s thoughts were interrupted by the big man as he yelled at her for information. But Ann didn’t tell him anything.
Suddenly there was a bang, A tall, young man stepped in to the room. Andre Wood. Scientist, politician, murderer of hundreds and thousands people and a bloody idiot at that.
“Now now, Lee, we don’t want to hurt Ann do we?” He said, combing his black hair against his skull, “Ann is our prisoner, she’s special you know.”
Lee frowned, “why can’t we kill her? She has a child with the same qualities!”
“Yes Lee, all in good time.”
“I don’t get it,” Lee’s face was blank.
The young man sighed, then walked over to Ann who was still cowering quietly in the corner. “Don’t hurt Rey,” She said strongly, Andre grinned.
“Rey... what a fitting name.”
Ann took the hesitation as a chance to escape, she hurled herself towards the door, punched Andre in the face and ducked Lee’s numb chuck a few times. She darted down the hall and into the living room where she grabbed a letter bag from the couch, she could hardly see in the darkness, but knew when Lee and Andre came in. She could just see the look of horror on his face when he saw the leather bag.
“Hand it over,” he said curtly
“No, you idiot.”
Ann held out the bag and it disappeared.
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