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Clay Fingers
Pig - Jadyn
My face is flat on the ground, squished in mud. Silly rain! Out of all the days I actually wore rain boots, today is the day it rains.
I pick myself up from the puddle of glop and brush it off my cheeks. My traitorous ballet flats caused me to slip on the damp ground and land face down in the mud, right when I was walking outside with my lunch tray. The tiny bag of sliced apples is dirty, and my packaged sandwich has been squished by passerby. People are so inconsiderate. I grunt and trudge back inside to the cafeteria. It’s raining outside and although I prefer the grounds to the cafeteria, I don’t exactly want to get soaked, so I may as well sit in my favorite spot in the cafeteria;
The corner.
I tuck a strand of my (now dirty) blond hair behind my ear and I try to balance my tray. Only a few people glance at me, whispering in their oh-so-special groups. My cheeks burn. A lot. Staring forward, I feel my legs shaking as I sit timidly at the farthest table from the popular girls. Phew, a bit of safety in this unpredictable world.
School is truly a whole new culture. There are groups, smart people, not as smart people (I personally believe that everyone is smart, however), cool people, popular people, pretty people, ordinary people, regular peo-
Okay, I think you get the point, right?
Opening my soggy bag of apples, a couple of green dots catch my eye. They’re Lacey Wilson’s eyes. Lacey is like, the biggest, worst, most popular girl/bully in the school. I wouldn’t even call her human. Before my friend Ashley moved to Texas, we used to call her an “alien”. Lacey’s always been a bit snobby, but since seventh grade started, she’s become a full-fledged bully. But if Lacey is staring at me, that can’t be good. It means she’s plotting against me. I’ve seen her do that before, stare at her victim, scheme, and pounce. It’s really creepy, actually, but mostly intimidating. Gobbling up my apple slices, I keep a wary eye on her.
I grab my red lunch tray and toss the wrapper in the trash, my charm bracelet jingling as I go. My heart’s beating and my limbs are wobbly... a sure sign that I’m nervous. When I talk to myself in my head, I’m the most confident person ever. Even when I talk to Ashley over the phone. But when it comes to school and strangers...
Let’s just say that I’m a downright coward.
I blink my vibrant blue eyes several times. It’s Lacey and her gang, they’re advancing towards me. Sheesh, they look awesome. I’m sorry, but there’s no other way to explain it. They just look so... in charge. Like their life motto is “I’m the boss”. A strange, fluttery sensation glows inside my chest. Is it... admiration?
Which is, if I may say so, pretty stupid. Seriously Jadyn, snap out of it. They’re bullies.
Lacey’s green eyes glare into mine when she finally reaches me. “Hey, Wire. Where’s your crimp?” Lacey’s friends smile wickedly.
I cringe at her joke. It’s not the best, but still, it hurts. I run my tongue along my teeth, feeling the braces lining them. Silly braces. My mind races, trying to think of a good comeback. My reply is;
“Uh... I don’t have a crimp?”
Laughter. Evil, mocking laughter. I feel my face grow hot, my limbs shaking harder. My nervous habit: flaring my nostrils.
Gail, one of Lacey’s friends, wrinkles her nose and sticks out her tongue. “Ew, she’s doing that nostril thing again. It makes her look like a pig.”
Lacey laughs the hardest and gently punches Gail in the shoulder. “That was awesome, Gigi. We should start a club called ‘The Many Animals Jadyn Lee Mimicks’.”
Okay, so one thing; Lacey’s teasing jokes are hardly worth being said. But when she’s in a bad mood, she makes harsh accusations. Like, really harsh.
Less laughing this time, at least. I sigh out of relief. It’s over.
Never mind. I spoke too soon.
“Hey, is that mud on your forehead, Wire?” Lacey says, squinting at my forehead. She inspects me like I’m a specimen.
“Oh my gosh, Lacey, it is! Did the pig have fun rolling in the mud today?” Gail says, throwing me one of her expert jabs. If Gail had to pick a weapon, I promise it’d be a lance; and she’d joust with words attached at the end.
The group doubles over in laughter, attracting more stares from the watching crowd. I peek at the table closest to Lacey’s usual table; the one where Harmony Hamilton sits. She’s closest to a friend I have... and she’s actually talked to me out of the blue before. Not just apologizing for bumping into me, like most unfortunate people.
Lacey is still standing there when the bell rings, causing her and her friends to groan. I close my eyes and let my guard down; soon as the bell rings, my life is saved.
“You’re hopeless, pig.”
My eyes pop open, revealing Lacey’s chocolate hair swaying behind her as she walks away with her groups.
I lean against the side of a table.
I’m not a pig.
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