Cliffhangers and Other Thoughts About Writing
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Before I begin, there are a few things I need to set forth.
1. I am not a grand master of writing. I’m pretty much only an expert chocolate eater.
2. I am still learning.
3. I will be writing primarily about my own experience.
4. You may discover other things work for you.
5. If you find other things work for you, by all means, share here!
6. Writing is great. Rewriting is better. I will be editing these chapters.
7. I will do my best to be concise.
8. If you have questions, ASK! I prefer conversations to lectures.
9. I have have articles and a short story or two published in magazines. I’ve written five other novels that the public will never see. As of now, DOGWOOD CROSS is my only published book. See? Still learning.
10. I won’t be quoting fabulous writers or books about writing. I will give you a list of excellent books about writing, however.
I’ll also be updating this when I have time to write and something helpful to add. Only then! I don’t want to confuse or frustrate, so I’ll be careful with what I publish here.
If you have any topics you’d like me to respond to, please request them! I’ll do my best!
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