Saving Best Friends
Boom boom boom boom music is playing boom boom boom boom music still playing and soon Comes Marching In perfect formation
The most Notorious Female BFF Ninja Super Heroes
of the world.
Music Stops playing.
CODE 5 CLASSIFIED are not just any Ninjas. They are five Best Friend’s who familes we’re Seized captured and Killed by Rivals.
They were the last remaining refugees of all the children and families that were slaughtered , all thy others just seemed to Vanished over time.
So Sad that all the poor children of the village was kidnapped and thrown into a damp and dark cellar for 15 year’s before managing to escape, only five of the children of the village survived.
The other Children died of starvation and diseases Over the course of period of time and nearly two decades later.
The five Best Friend’s sworn in each other blood, that they will never loose contact with each other nor leave one another side. And the _1 Rule Was “NEVER” put your Sister’s down.
They taught each other how fight and survive, Than all of a sudden one day they started to posses and master the hidden & lost skills martial arts and Muay Thai.
They learned how to channel their powers into one Force creating A barrier of protection from the Evil Spells and witches through the music they practiced using their unique instruments that can quickly turn into force fighting weapons.
Somehow all of these powers and strengths put together created an high voltage Blue Energy surge that connected them to the universe.
And till this day that’s the myth of how the five children managed to stay alive so many years without food or Sunlight. They all individually started to develop and posse an unusual kean and Special heightened six sense and an unique forms of genes called eumelanin.
This is a single Gene called the MFSD12 mutation only ever developed in only four million ancestors, Sixty thousand years ago which somehow passed down generation and mutated into the five remaining children.
Their Brain cells trippled which mysteriously created superficial & Natural Powers entered their bodies from inhaling the chemicals and toxic smells of decomposed flesh.
And Due to inhaling this toxic chemicals wastes for years, Their Ability to turn off and on each other senses come from being held captive inside of a waste and chemicals plant that has been abandoned and closed down for more than over twenty thousand year’s .
These Superficial Powers could ditech when other Bff’s friendships was is endanger and in trouble all over the World.
And that’s when they discovered they were the
They connection became so strong So They all decided to all join forces and put their superpowers and Special Hightens Senses together to help save other Bff’s Relationship’s.
They agreed to give each other A special Code names and numbers that would identify and describe each friend personality and power’s.
Therefore every BFF Ninja would know Exactly what each CODE name and number meant.
Their CODE numbers represents the different Powers & strengths Each individual Ninja possess.
And their CODE Names Represent they’re Familes Legacy.
Purple Ninja #3 _CODE Name: Flacko
Special Ninja instrument stick’s / bubble gum wands
Hot pink Ninja #2 _ CODE Name: Moni
Lead Singer of NINJA Band
Certified BFF trouble sensor
Pink Ninja #1 _CODE Name: Bunnie
Special Ninja instrument & weapon /keyboard Lazer
Red Ninja #4 _CODE Name: Franki
Back up Singer of NINJA BAND
And Certified BFF life saver
Blue Ninja #5 _CODE Name: Ysae
Special Ninja instrument
Base player / Secret powers wand.
And when they all come together as a group and sing.
They Become
Today They received a very strong Vibrations while playing their instruments
Code 5 CLASSIFIED was called to an emergency situation ,So they set forth and came up with a superrr’’bb plan to defeat the wicked witches who are attacking the two best friends. This will be one of the most important mission
CODE 5 CLASSIFIED only have a matter of time to get this situation under control .
They need to be able to accomplished this fast.
Before the next vibration comes in soon.
This will definitely be an unusual tasks of the day but not an in possible task.
And that” Task “ is to save the friendships of two Best friends who relationship took a turn for the worse and is now on the verge of becoming a very nasty dispute.
IS IN DISGUISE and Ready to go Save the very special friendship of two BFF’S....
Stay put and tune in for more
Audience I want you to chime in and tell US.
Do you think CODE 5 CLASSIFIED will be able to save a very special BFF friendship Today....
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