It Was My Fault And No One Else
I’ve always been a crybaby... I would cry over everything... and not once have I learned my lesson. When I was small I was still a good for nothing daughter. Even now I’m still a crybaby. At least until I met him... He changed my life... ForEver!!!
It all started with the Shaareng Temple, and it was ALL my fault. I caused it all of it. I caused my mom and dad to fight. Even though they were everything... to me.
When they were in high school mom was popular among girls and loved by boys. She was good looking, tall, smart, you name it. My mother’s name was Nana, She had blonde hair, purple eyes, and long eyelashes. My dad was loved by girls and close friends with the guys at the school. He was also good looking, smart, and also athletic. He has silky black hair, blue eyes, and surprisingly long eyelashes. His name was Jason. Mom and dad made the best couple.
I made my parents fight. They ended up throwing me down the well. Don’t get the wrong idea... it was a accident. My once silky black hair that I inherited from my father turned white, and my sparkling purple eyes turned silver. After that accident most of my emotion disappeared. I’ve couldn’t cry anymore, even if I wanted too. I couldn’t feel happiness or anger, nor could I feel love. I was almost emotionless. I can hardly remember any of those feelings anymore.
I decided to start all over again... I put a blonde wing over my white hair so it won’t cause attention to myself, and that it would look similar to my mom’s hair. Wore blue eye contacts that was the most similar to dad’s eye color. The most important part was to move away from where I came from.
I started a new life in Tokyo, Japan... nobody knows me, and I know nobody. When I arrived at Tokyo, I wanted to blend in more so I transferred to Springfield Academy.
It was my first day at Springfield Academy, and everybody is already staring at me and whispers something about me. There goes the less attention part. I walked into the classroom and some super tall guy was right in front of me “Urrgh...” I said as i fell back. I rubbed my left eye a bit, after a few seconds I opened my right eye. As I looked up I saw a man I’m guessing that was my teacher. “ Oh my, are you okay? I’m really sorry that I bumped into you...” the teacher said with a nervous look on his face.
Cla- click I shut the classroom door. “It’s okay, bye any chance are you Mr. Lee?” I asked while I was looking around the classroom than back at him. He told me he is Mr. Lee, and that I belong in this classroom.
Cla’ click THUD!!!! Two guys in the classroom started to laugh. I just sat on the ground looking like this O_O. “Damn... what are ya doin on the ground for? Ya know ya just made someone trip? Ya damn bas-“ he stopped talking. (????) I sat there with a blank look on my face. “Hmmm, what were you going to say....?” I looked at him with a concerned look on my face. All he did was look back at me and just mumbled something. I wished That I was paying more attention at the time because I couldn’t even hear what he had said at the time.
“ Mr. Henderson, may you please take your seat? You interrupting my conversation with Ms... um Ms...-“ I’m guessing he didn’t remember my name quite yet. So I just went on and said my name. “Emily, my name is Emily Bartner.” I said as I got up from the floor.
(((Bbbbrrrrrriiiiinngggg))) Everybody started walking to their seat, I for one just stood there next to Mr. Lee. “Everybody I would like to introduce you to our new classmate Ms. Emily Bartner. She is a foreigner, so help her out if she need any.” I looked around the classroom, there were a lot of people looking at me.
This time I actually heard what the people in the classroom was talking about. Talking about me being pretty, cute, gorgeous, things like that. I heard a bit of do you think she can speak japanese, hope I don’t need to speak in english, or wow I want to be friends with her. I didn’t mind what they said, not even a bit. What I minded was when one of the guys said something hoping that I was a slut or something. But that again I just ignored it because I didn’t really mind anymore.
To think I was hoping for a less attention, but I guess people that are good looking also cause attention to themselves. I sat down to my seat and suddenly out of nowhere someone said “Hey, are you bald or something? The person beside me said “yeah right, how can someone so pretty be bald?”
The guy from behind me replied to the other and said “ than check this out...” He said in a stern voice He pulled the wig off my head. The wing was on his desk, and the people around me opened their mouth so wide that I could see China, but as if I could though. My white long hair shined from the window light. My hair started to float a little and went back down to the back of the chair. I took the wig back and tucked my hair behind the wig “I’m not bald so don’t take of my wig.”
I said as I turned around back towards the teacher. “Emily, for school regulations you are not to be wearing any wigs indoors or on school property.” Mr. Lee exclaimed as he walked towards my desk. He let out his hand and stood there in front of me. “ Does that means I have to take off my eye contacts too?” I exclaimed and he nod his head. I took it as a yes and took of my wig to hand it to him. I popped off my eye contacts. When I took it off he was surprize to see my silver eyes, I would have been too if I seen someone who has eyes like mine.
“Thanks Emily for not disobeying my order” Afterwards he left and started teaching class again. I could feel all the eyes looking at me, to think I was planning on not making a bad reputation of myself... in the end I broke a rule on the first day.

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