Hey, Characters have opinIons too you know!
Introductions, introductions...
Hi, my name is... hey wait, that’s not right... NO! My name is not...! Ok fine. My name is Candi. I would have preferred something like Melissa or Kristen, but no, it had to be Candi. I’m a girl with short jet black hair and green eyes and my favorite color is supposed to be yellow. But again, no, I like green. Green is so vibrant and, well, you can find it almost anywhere. The trees, the grass. Yellow? Nah, to boring. Of course it’s in the sun, but you can’t look in that direction because you would get blinded, and otherwise it only comes out in autumn... and at that point, IT RUINS MY GREEN!!! That’s why my favorite season is spring, when all the green comes out again. So yeah. That’s me. Oh, I am also grumpy 24/7. Yeah. You would think a girl like me, with a name like Candi, would be nice. But, like I said before, no. Just no. It’s the Author’s fault I like yellow. It’s the Author’s fault my name is Candi. And it’s the Author’s fault I exist in this book. Ok, enough complaining about being a stupid character, let’s begin this book by telling you a little bit about where I am. Right now, I’m in my room. My yellow room. It’s so weird! I have yellow walls, yellow bedsheets, and yellow paintings! It’s ridiculous! I’m sitting in my -you can probably guess what color it is- chair. Playing Minecraft on my iPad. Why? Why did it have to be Minecraft?! Minecraft is so boring. You just destroy and place blocks. Thankfully that didn’t last long ‘cause my mom, -yes, another character like me- yelled. My mom looked like me except for her blue eyes. Anyway, the Author made my mom yell that it was suppertime. It goes like this...
“Coming!” I called back. I raced out of my bedroom and out into the kitchen where a savory aroma filled my nostrils. Mom was fixing my favorite food. Egg omelet!
Ok, ok... seriously? First of all, I hate eggs. Especially egg omlets. My favorite food is peppers. Second, why would a mom yell so harshly that dinner was ready?! I’m sure my mom, Amanda, didn’t like to yell that loud.
I sat at the dinner table and started wolfing down the delicious egg omelet.
Yuck! Bleh, bleh, bleh! I wanna hurl!
After I was finished, my mom eyed my seriously. “I have something important to tell you.” She started. “I am getting married to Dylan.” I gasped. My birth dad had died five years ago and now my mom had a new boyfriend. He was... nice.
Right now, Amanda and I have no idea who this Dylan dude is. The Author hasn’t described him yet. But after hearing “He was... nice.” I’m getting sorta uncomfortable... I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

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