But before that, chaos
I remember a flash of light, and then nothing. All of us, Thor, Freya, Frey, Loki, Sif, Balder, were all together in Asgard. I think... I can’t really remember, that we all had been mysteriously relieved of our duties for the day by Odin, and then halfway through dinner... pow! My mind had flashed and then swirled into darkness.
“Ughhh...” The pain in my head was so heavy, I could hardly tell if the strangled sound I heard came from me or not. Sitting up, I shook my head, clearing the black spots away from my vision. The first thing I saw was a large meadow of grass, and as I observed closer, I could see the grass yips around me slightly singed, as if I had fallen from the sky like a meteor. A feminine grunt came from behind me, and a cold hand touched my back.
“T-tyr?” She slurred, hand slipping. I turned to see a very pretty, dark-haired girl behind me. She didn’t look like a goddess, but something about her facial features, her cold chestnut eyes and angular face looked very much like a young-
“Sif?” I gasped. I looked at my hand, my dark skin covered in scratches, my head still throbbing painfully. The girl nodded, struggling to balance on her feet. Like mine, her skin was too covered in small scratches, as if we were mere humans jumping through brambles in the forest. She stumbled and I steadied her, almost falling over myself. I took in my surroundings. Two ginger haired kids, one girl and one boy, were clutching each other, their identical hazel eyes glinting, slightly glazed over, while a blonde haired boy with blue eyes was frantically shaking a pale, black haired one. From what I could see, he hardly looked scratched or even fazed at all, despite his attempts to wake up the smaller boy in front of him. Sif squinted at them nervously, her feet swaying again, unsteadily.
“Should we go help them?” She asked. “From what it looks like, those two are Frey and Freya.” She pointed at the twins, who were staggering over to them, looking at the sky, which was sunny and bursting with clouds. She looked at the other pair. “I’m guessing that oaf is Thor, which makes the other one-“
“Loki.” I finished for her, shaking my head. I almost laughed and added: “I’m sure he’s fully aware that Thor is freaking out and he’s pretending to be unconscious just for his own pleasure.” We observed around again.
“Where’s Balder?” I asked, realizing that I couldn’t see another kid. Sif pointed farther down the field. almost where the oak forest met the edge, and I could make out a tuft of brown hair. Balder. Freya came up to us, holding hands with Frey. For the first time since I awoke, I realized we all looked younger than we should, Thor and Frey missing their little goatee things. (I myself think facial hair is an annoying menace in battle, and I of all peopled should know, since I am the god of war.).
“HEY!” Thor roared in our direction. He pointed at Frey. “You- you’re Frey! Get over here!” Frey rolled his eyes and limped over to Thor and Loki, but stopped suddenly, his hazel eyes widening in panic.
“What is it, brother?” Freya exclaimed, rushing to him. He looked at his leg, trembling.
“I’m limping !” He cried, looking faint. Sif sighed.
“Oh, grow up, Frey. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that bad.” Frey shook his head, clutching at Freya. She crouched down to look at his leg and he shooed her away impatiently.
“That’s not what I mean...” He whispered. “I have healing powers, and I always heal almost immediately after a minor setback like this, but...” Freya gasped standing up again, realization in her eyes. “My powers are gone!” He gasped. Frey threw an apologetic look at Thor, our group wandering over to him. Sif settled next to me, nervousness gleaming all over her face, and she wore the same expression of everyone else here.
“Our powers are gone, we wake up in the middle of nowhere, what has just happened?” She asked hopelessly. “As a goddess of Asgard-“
“Technically we’re not gods-“ I cut her off. I got touchy around the subject. She shrugged, staring at the sky. I saw her rubbing her arm, a nervous habit of hers.
“Give or take 5000 years.” She smirked, but the smile didn’t reach her eyes. “It’s just weird to say that I’ve never been so confused, and we’ve only been-“ She waved her arms around the area. “ Here for five minutes.” I heard a hopeless groan coming from Frey, and a whimper from Thor. We rushed over, stomping on the grass as we went. Loki was surprisingly still out cold in Thor’s arms, and Frey was giving a hopeless look at a wound in his side that a god wouldn’t think twice about but could be dangerous to a mortal. Thor just sat there looking devastated and worried, fiddling with a lock of his hair. Sif knelt down, brushing the wound, which was oozing blood sluggishly. Loki shifted despite his unconsciousness, twitching.
“It shouldn’t be too bad,” Frey said thoughtfully, ignoring the whimper coming from Thor. “We just need to stop the bleeding and cover it from bacteria that might get in. Of course, infection wouldn’t usually be something an Asgardian should be worried about- and I have no idea about frost giants- but I’m starting to think we’re not on Asgard anymore.” I gulped, checking myself again. Freya whimpered, and Thor growled. I really appreciated Sif’s neutral expression as the others freaked out.
“My best theory is that we’ve all been cast to Midgard,” Frey continued solemnly, ripping off his shirt’s sleeve and pressing it against Loki’s bleeding wound tenderly. “And we’ve been stripped of our powers.” I plopped down, resting my cheek on my fist, thinking our situation over as Sif threw out her arms.
“Okay, but Frey! This just doesn’t make any sense. Where are we, how did we get here, and most importantly, who has cast us down here in the first place?”
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