WhaT can happen with a scout group: a friendship story
Crazy Camping
The Adventure
“Yes, Yes, Yes!” Elsie called at the brekfast table “today is the day my scout group, The super scouts!”
“Alright! campers follow me!” The scout master boomed we walked over to the camp area. “Now set up your tents!” I got my tent out and started to plum it into the ground with pegs. It was a very hot day, we did some archery, I hit the target 5 times and ended up getting 53 points! We also did bush cooking, we even went canoeing! Then as the sun sunk low in the sky we cooked sausages over the camp fire. Then we went to bed.
But I couldn’t get to sleep, all I though about was, well even though I like being a scout I’ve never really had any friends, there are mostly boys here, who are ONLY friends with other boys.
The next day I woke up to find a fox cub snuggled up against me. I gently lifted her up and placed her in my sleeping bag, I get dressed and then I close the tent door. “Everybody up!” The scout master booms in his huge voice. “Today we are on a bush walk.” A bush walk? I think Now that sounds exiting! We have some breakfast and then the scout master shows us the path we will be walking on. “Now let’s get started!” His big voice booms.
We began to walk, I lag behind at the back. It all happens really fast. Firstly I find myself at the very back of the line, then a kookaburra swoops down on me, finally without looking I fall into the fast flowing river. The bad thing is I’m heading the opposite direction to where the rest of the scout group is going. The river is flowing really fast, I try to catch a tree branch, but I fail. Then I see it. A waterfall. A ginormous waterfall, only a few metres in front of me.
3.........I try grabbing on to a branch.
2.........I look back and forwards.
1.........My heart beats fast as I slide down the waterfall.
It felt like I was falling off a cliff. It was the scariest thing ever. My face felt wet, and my body is shivering from the coldness of the water. The flow of the river slows down. I grab on to a rock on the side of the river and I mange to pull myself up onto the ground, I lay down on the grass and look up at the summer sky with it’s fluffy white clouds and clear blue sky. I stay there for a while but no help comes so I go on a little walk after a while I reach what seems like a forest. The sun starts setting low into the sky, “huh,” I sigh, I find a large tree. I decided to climb to the top of it, I find a flat branch covered in leaves so I lie down on it. Pink and orange waves fly over the sky a beautiful sunset. I then eventually fall asleep............
A dark figure comes towards me...........he’s cursing me, hurting me..............
Wait I’m awake! I slowly climb down the tree towards the figure. It’s a young girl! About my age...... “hello,” she says quietly “my name is Ivy.” From that moment on I knew we would be good friends.
“My family didn’t want me,” Ivy continues “so they brought me here in a helicopter and they.................d-dumped me.” I stare at Ivy in horror. “Well, my name is Elsie, I.....well...I sort of fell down a waterfall......got...sweep down the stream and..............yeah,”
“D-do you want to be friends?” Ivy asks “of course.” I reply so we settle down in the tree and fall asleep.
“Elsie, Elsie wake up,”
“Oh you silly, it’s me Ivy!” I open my eyes, Ivy is sitting up with two fish in her hands “here,” she says “eat this.” She passes me one of the fish. I smile at her. But then I notice something familer about her...................
“Are you okay Elsie? You look worried.”
“Oh no, I’m fine.”
We bathe in the river, catch fish for lunch and talk to each other about our lives. After a while night comes, Ivy falls asleep. I just stare at the night sky. Something falls out of my pocket, oh yeah the photo of mum Wait! I think it’s ripped in half then I look over at Ivy she has a photo next to her too, of her dad! I put them together. It’s a perfect fit!
“Ivy,” I shout “Ivy!” But there’s no Ivy anywhere. Then I see her on the riverbank, I run over “Ivy!” I start to cry. A tear falls down onto her soft warm skin, she opens her eyes. “Oh, Ivy your alright!”
I give her the photos. “Ivy, we’re twins!” I sequel.
And that’s what can happen on a camping adventure.
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