Crest of the Pale Dragon
The Betrayal
*I*magine a place long ago, a place where there is nothing but chaos, bloodshed, and murder. Dwelling inhabited by demonic beings, Warlords, Kings, and Warriors. A realm where everything is possible and prophecies fulfilled. A legend is born in the world of Zear. One man will gain the courage and strength to rise and save humanity from themselves and these malevolence beings. Only his sheer will of power and indissoluble spirit.
So, it began, the moon is glistening brightly in the night sky. Not all is at peace. The battle has been going on for several weeks. Flank neither retrieving nor showing any weakness. In the distance, you can hear the clinking of the swords as they clash with one another echoing in the night like a thundering, as if they strike with a lightning bolt.
Some of the warriors lay upon the ground in their own Seth pool of blood. While others still fighting until their last breath. In the distance, you can hear the beating of the drums encouraging the warriors to keep fighting. As you, hear the wounded men screaming in despair hanging to their very last. There is nothing but confusion and chaos all around. Murdering Darkness is all that surrounds them. Their screams filled the dark night sending a chill down your spine. From every direction, you turned to you can smell the blood that filled the air. While bodies laid upon bodies of the dead soldiers. Their stench decaying bodies laid as carcasses lay on the field of battle. You can see the Decaying flesh bodies spread upon the field. Armors and Shields lay across the battlefield. Battlefield stained with the blood of the falling soldiers.
The battle has been going on for a few weeks with neither flank showing any signs of weakness. In the tower of the light Casdell and Lord Captain Graves, discuss ways of ending the war without any more deaths. It is a heated discussion between the king and his first in command. “It’s not possible.”, “I will not lead my men to their deaths,” said Graves. “It has to be a better way than this.” Graves Lord Captain, first in command closes friend of Casdell king of Tol and the most powerful king of Zear.From the beginning, Graves has been by Casdell side even as foot soldiers in the afore Casdell led the rebellion against King Don Veal. After the battle, Casdell was crowned king of Everest Plains. They stood together Threw all the bloodshed, tears, and hunger as one. No one could penetrate by becoming in between them nor break their bond. They sleep next to each other and shared meals.
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