“You can leave this place, but it will never leave you”
Cross Breeze
Winds of change
Hazel Level lay in her bed, sobbing over her loss. Her mother, the only person left to care for her, had died of cancer an hour ago. A harsh wind whipped the blinds on the window, making it dance. Hazel walked over to the window and willed a calm breeze. The crisp fresh air calmed her nerves a bit. Hazel had a secret. She could control the wind. Her mother was the only one who had understood her and her powers. Hazel remembered all the past years. All the love. As her mother was dying, Hazel remembered what she said. “I love you darling. Don’t you ever forget that. I’m leaving you with your grandmother, she lives in Texas. Not to much wind though.” She had forced a weak smile. Then she handed her the box. “If you read the letter, it will have all the answers. Promise me you’ll read it.” She had smiled once more, then died. There was only one place Hazel could go to clear her mind. The wind place.
Hazel climbed up the rocky ledge and saw her wind place. It was a tent, and it was perched on a rock near the sea. The salty air made her almost cry. Her mother and her had spent so much time there. She sat on the edge and looked at the letter she had took. She slowly opened the envelope, and a shiny object fell out. Hazel picked up a silver necklace with a silver symbol. The symbol of hope. Hazel put on the necklace. She sighed and looked out at the sea. She should read the letter, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She stood up and forced a strong wind to hit her from behind, then jumped from the cliff. Then she was soaring over the beach and houses. She loved doing this. She flew through the open window of her house and sat on the bed. She started packing her bags, tossing in all the things she had. Then she heard a knock at her door. She opened it, reviling a stranger.
“Dear its me. Your grandma Martha! You must come with me at once or we’ll miss the plane!” Grandma Martha rushed her into the car and started to drive. Hazel didn’t know much, but she knew she didn’t want to be with her Grandmother. She grabbed her bag and opened the door. Then jumped. The wind caught her, leading her towards the forest.
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