There’s nothing you can do once the fire spreads
Crown of Fire
Peace. That’s all that ever appeared in our hearts. A simple spec of hope that droned in our minds, blinding us from reality. And what is reality you may ask? Well, any reality of course. The reality that the world you live in is nothing as it seems to be. The reality that it’s never peaceful as chaos rules the day while death comes like a thief by night. The reality that nothing is forever. And yet we live as if the days were never going to end. Like we could live for all of eternity. We push things for tomorrow even when tomorrow isn’t promised. But the truth is, life could leave us in the blink of an eye. And that, that very thought, the realization that I was only alive just so I could die, is what took all the peace from me. And I knew I was never getting it back any time soon.
I watched as my brother arranged himself in front of the bathroom mirror. Fixing his fire red hair into a small ponytail as he dusted off his white and orange suit. “If you continue to stare at me, I will not hesitate in throwing a globule of flames at you.” He says, not once breaking his attention away from his reflection. His tone was very melodic, showing much pride from it. He was in a good mood today. You could hear by the way he talked, see it in his deep brown eyes, and almost smell it due to the type of cologne he chose to wear. Rolling my eyes, I crossed my arms across my chest as I continued to stare at him. “You will do no such thing.” I spat, getting up and walking to the entrance of the bathroom. I peeked a glance at myself through the mirror and was merely satisfied at what I saw. My light orange orbs glowed due to the bright bathroom lights that shined upon them as my long sunset colored hair drifted down my back in wavy strands. And though I was not as tall of my brother, I would say I was at a pretty average height for a 17-year-old. Once I finished examining myself, I could see my brother look at me through the glass. “You don’t know how much you look like mother right now.” He says, moving my bangs away from my eyes and fixing the golden necklace that matched perfectly with my golden, silk dress with red stripes along the bottom. “You honestly have no idea how much I’ve heard that phrase come out of your mouth.” I tease walking out of the bathroom and into the living room with him trailing right behind me. “Oh well.” He shrugged, walking towards the door and adjusting his suit just one more time. “Let’s go, Hestia. We don’t want to be late.” He says, opening the door and walking out. I sigh, realizing how much he’s become such a father to me, and follow after him.
Outside, a carriage was waiting for us. It was a pretty old one, with a brown wooden frame and cart. It was pulled by two white horses with a ruby gemstone engraved in their foreheads. A man sat before the cart, he was the one who would steer it. He was also one of the chauffeurs of the King himself. After my brother helped me up, he climbed in, closing the door and giving a signal for the man to start heading up to the castle. Today was a very important day for the land of Fleso. Today was the day we would crown a new queen. One we haven’t had since era’s ago. “You excited?” I ask my brother, looking at his serious face. “Well, yea. This is going be a huge part in our history.” He says, smiling at me. I let out a giggle as I stare at his face and I turn to look out the windows. “Dork.” I mutter. I earn a punch from him on the shoulder but I completely ignore it as I look at the scenery passing us by. The whole village, the village I grew up in, was preparing for the huge coronation. Little girls with traditional orange dresses frolicked along the stone roads with their hair tied up with a bow. Little boys ran around clearly playing some type of chasing game. They were dressed in miniature suits and loafers to match their attire. As for the young men and woman, well, they dressed coordinated. Woman who dressed in a scarlet colored dresses would usually be accompanied with a man who wore a black suit, and that goes for any color outfit. It was just one of those things Fleso managed to encrypt in our minds. Order. The stores and houses passed by us in a blur as the carriage continued its journey to the castle. And then it stopped. Completely. I looked over at my brother confused as he did the same. And then we heard it. No not we, I. I heard that blood curdling scream. That scream you usually hear in horror movies whenever the killer is torturing the innocent person. That scream that sent goosebumps all over your body and made your hair stand on end. “Mishal, did you hear that?” I ask my brother as I look into his worried eyes. He exhales a strangled breath as he looks out the window. I do the same watching as the sky became darker. Dark grey billows covered the sun and citizens scrambled all over the place, seeking shelter. Then, I watch as a figure suddenly pops up in the distance. No, not figure, figures. A whole army of them began to show up, seeming as if they were appearing from the nearby forest. And I wouldn’t even call them figures. They’re nothing compared to our own flesh and bones. They were more like, dust? No, mist. A black murk that floated over 3 inches above the ground. They had no real structure to them, though they all seemed to have the shape of a human body, they had a wide variety of angles and edges on them. The only thing you could clearly tell what it was were the blank , white eyes they had. Whenever you stared into those soulless orbs, you felt paralyzed and you could feel your breath hitch in the back of your throat. It was a feeling that definitely struck fear in my heart. “Hestia, stay here.” Mishal said as he took of his white gloves to easily create a fire ball in the palm of his hand. “No Mishal! You have no idea what that is!” I call out to him but he was already out the carriage. I swallowed the lump that managed to appear in my throat as I stared straight forward. Trying to calm my beating heart, I closed my eyes and imagined the beautiful things in life only to be interrupted by another scream. And another. And another. Minute after minute, the screams just kept coming, back to back non stop. No longer able to just keep my eyes closed, I looked out the window and watched in horror as people, my people, were being rounded up by the misty creatures. And one by one, they were being engulfed by them, completely disappearing in their black fog after releasing a strangled scream. Now I felt sick to the stomach and I got out of the carriage and stared at the chaos around me. All around me, these creatures where swallowing the very people I grew up with. I frantically looked for Mishal as I watched brave souls fighting against them only to fail miserably. “Mishal!” I yell stumbling over my long dress. “Damn it.” I cursed, tearing the bottom half of the dress off and grabbing my cape from the carriage. I flipped the hoodie of the cape over my head and began running around, looking side to side for my brother. “Mishal!” I call again, dodging every misty creature I could and every now and then, throwing a fire ball at them to make them disappear. I stopped completely in my tracks as I found my brother fighting one off with a sword of flames he was given when he was just 7. But’s that’s not what made me freeze in my spot. That’s not what made my bones as hard as ice and my muscles stiffen. It was the fact that I was watching my brother being swallowed by one creature that appeared right behind him. His scream, his cry out to me was devastating.
I sank to the floor as I watched in horror, the tears trickling down my cheeks as I panted, feeling as if my heart was being pierced by knives. And believe me, I know how that feels like. “M-mishal.” I whispered as I watched his sword fall to the ground after his body completely disappeared inside the creature. Hurt wasn’t even the word to describe what I was feeling. At that exact moment, my whole world just went in slow motion as I sat on my knees, clutching the necklace in my hand as tears streamed down my face. I didn’t just feel hurt, oh no, I felt enraged. I felt vulnerable. I felt dejected and frightened. All these feelings lead to a dangerous mixture of thoughts which soon overtook me in a wave of emotions. I let out a tenacious scream as I slammed my fists on the ground with all my might. The whole road broke as a circle of flames swept through the town square, wiping out the remaining mist creatures that had came too close to me in my moment of grief. My pants turned into whimpers as I clutched my necklace and fell to my side. It was silent, only a small breeze blew in as I watched the circle of flames I have created catch fire on flammable things. Letting my thoughts overflow my mind, all I could do was helplessly cry and mourn for my brother.*Mishal*. The only family I had alive. And to think, that today, everything was supposed to change for the greater good in Fleso, only to be left stranded in the street, vulnerable and heartbroken.
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