Tales of the forgotten souls
The Beginning
The halls were quiet. Eerily quiet. There was no light except the old fireplace in the library. The only thing that had broke the silence and darkness was a soft white glow and the sound of crying. No one had known who cried and what made the light in Ethereal Hall except my great-great grandfather Orson McFadden. He and great-great grandma had lived in the old Mansion for years. Even though I heard the story a thousand times, it had a missing piece to it.
Grandma and grandpa were sitting in the library with their son great-grandpa. “Father, do you think our house is haunted?” “Nonsense, dear boy!” He said with a hearty chuckle. “I’d be daft if I saw a specter. This house is ghost-free.” Grandma waved her spoon and shouted out gibberish. Come out spirits!” She laughed. “Mother stop it!” “It’s fine William, there are no ghosts.” “How can you be sure?” “Because I have never seen one, therefore it does not exist.” “You can’t see air Mother, but you know it exists.” “Don’t question your mother.” His father scolded. Off to bed!” Young great- grandpa stormed up the marble stairs into his room. Muttering under his breath. “There is such thing as ghosts.” He drifted off to sleep but was cut short by a woman’s raspy whisper. “They will never believe you William.” Then green vines had ensnared his legs and dragged him away screaming. “Daddy!” Mommy!” He cried and pleaded. “Let me go!” They rushed up the stairs but when they came in it was too late. The bed was spattered with red and something was clawed into the walls.
Dire au revoir `a tout. Which was French for “Say goodbye to everything.” His parents were devastated. “We didn’t believe him.” His mother said in between gasps. “This is all our fault.” They both adopted another boy and changed his name to William in honor of great-grandpa. Then later they perished from a growing depression. Many years later, the mansion decayed with age in Great Britain and then I, Abigail Greene will be going to embark on one the most horrible journeys this fall. So brace for impact, be afraid and bring lots and lots of snacks.

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