To have a power that you can be killed for
The disease. It’s gotten hold of my best friend, Cady.
This disease is called X48172. It was released by our government, The Caringence. Everyone hates them. But we can’t rebel because we’ll be killed if we are ever found plotting such a thing. Before we can even get together to plot, they’ll shoot us with some of their soldiers, called the Strikers. It came to their awareness that we were overpopulating our planet, and birth control wouldn’t work in their eyes. They wanted a quick solution, and engineered a disease.
X48172 is engineered to be supreme. Engineered to have no cure whatsoever. Our doctors have tried, but to no avail. The disease is highly contagious, through means of air as well.
How does it work? You inhale the disease-filled air. It enters your system. First, you begin to cough, spreading the disease more. Then it proceeds on to coughing up disease-filled blood. Next, you get too weak to move much. Afterwards, you go unconscious sporadically. In some severe cases, the victim is left in a vegetative state.
Finally, the last stage. You die. Your corpse gives out the disease, too.
This disease has a 100% efficiency. Whoever gets it definitely dies. You can’t just “recover like that”. Plus, there’s no cure. So… Basically, to sum it up, don’t catch the disease.
I don’t know how they’re going to stop the spread of this disease once they’ve decided that they’ve murdered enough innocent people. And to them, how many lives are enough? I don’t know when they’re going to stop the disease. 10% of the population? 20%? 50%? 70%?
Cady was taken home yesterday, when she began coughing up blood. At first, we thought it was just a simple cough. But now, there was blood, and the blood was sent for testing, and the test revealed that she had the disease.
Cady’s my ONLY friend. I’m literally the least popular girl in the school. I have glasses and don’t bother to comb my hair, leaving it all a tangled, knotted mess. Plus I have really poor fashion sense, landing me in the “nerdy, unpopular” classification.
Cady? She’s gorgeous, with creamy toffee skin and black hair. She was new to the school, and ended up sitting next to me for class (poor her). Naturally, her being beautiful and all, a bunch of popular kids invited her to sit with them for lunch, which I had expected, but she actually REFUSED. She looked for me and sat with ME. She wanted to get to know her desk mate more. And that’s how we became best friends.
And because she hung out with the most unpopular girl, people avoided her. She became unpopular TOO, because of ME.
Cady’s great, and she’s been with me for four whole years, through thick and thin. There’s never been any of that “friend ditches friend to hang out with popular kids” kind of thing. She’s literally the best friend anyone could have: Smart, funny, kind, cheerful, understanding. You name a good quality, she has it.
And now, she might die. Make that “will”.
I am an orphan. I used to live with my aunt, but she died of cancer. I’m fifteen, but I could take care of myself, so here I am, living alone.
I can’t imagine Cady being gone. I’ll be all alone. I don’t want Cady to die. I don’t want to see her beautiful light being snuffed out from this world forever.
But… I can change this.
I have a secret, one that I could be killed for, if anyone knew.
I don’t know how. I can’t explain how I can do this, but…
I can heal the disease.
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