“ PLease stop!”
Cuts and Tears
Lois was sitting on her bed wondering what it would be like if her life was normal. She tried cleaning off the blood from her new wound. She picked up her phone and called her mother. “Please answer, please answer, please answer.” whispered Lois. “Hello Lois.” said a voice from the other line of the phone. “Mom!” said Lois. “Hi honey. Why did you call?” asked her mother. “I want to go home.” said Lois. “Okay. I’m actually about 1 minute away. I was eating dinner with your father.” said the mother of Lois. “Thanks Lucy. Oops! Sorry. Thanks Mom.” said Lois. “Your welcome honey. See you in about 45 seconds. Bye.” said Lucy. “Bye Mom.” said Lois. Lois hung up. When Lucy arrived, Lois grabbed her bag full of her overnight items and dashed out of her aunt’s house. She hugged her mother tightly. “Did you cut yourself?” asked Lucy. Lois looked at her aunt and her evil, penetrating eyes and said “Yeah. I scraped my knee.” Lois hated lying, but she was really good at it. Lois thought, I wouldn’t have to lie if my aunt didn’t abuse me. And Lois and Lucy left.
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