Must. Keep. Running. I was breathing loud and hard. Suddenly, I stopped. I heard beautiful singing coming from the water. No. I thought. This couldn’t be happening. I must be dying. Yeah, that’s it. I don’t know why, but I ran into the water.
I swam towards the singing. Then, I saw it... a real mermaid. I wanted to kiss her. But I remember I had just ran away from my own wedding. We stared at each other for what seemed like minutes, hours, days, centenaries. But then she swam away. What was going on? Then, I passed out.
I woke up on the beach feeling happy. I looked at my Apple watch and almost jumped. Tuesday? I fainted on Monday. Monday was also when I was supposed to be married.
“Do you, Kyle Smith, take Lillian Thompson, as your lawful wife to have and to hold for better and worse, to cherish until death do you part?”
“I... don’t. I’m sorry!” I yelled as I ran into the forest. I ran and ran until I couldn’t run anymore.
Author’s note
Hi. It’s me, Ellie_May!
I just wanted to say thanks for reading.
THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok. I’m done. But while you’re still reading this, I want to know, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT????
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