Don’t look behind you...
Creepy Stories
Thump, Thump, Thump
An abrupt noise echoed outside of her bedroom, and woke Joan up with a start. She glanced at the watch around her wrist. It read 1:11 AM.
This time it sounded closer, like it was on the street in front of her house. The street which was normally bustling with the busy sounds of passing cars. The street which was currently silent. Strange, she thought.
Even closer, like it was on her front porch.
It was coming from the kitchen, downstairs. Joan ducked under the covers. This was freaky.
It was on the steps. IT WAS ON THE STEPS.
The noise sounded like it was in the hallway - but then it stopped.
She lay in bed, shivering, clammy and pale with fear.
She didn’t dare move.
Then it started. It was faint, almost unnoticeable at first.
thump, thump, thump
It was consistent, like a heartbeat. And it was getting louder.
Thump, Thump, Thump
To her horror, Joan realized it sounded like something soft hitting the floor. Like a body smacking the ground.
The noise was thunderous now, and filled the entire room. It hammered at her eardrums, and was still getting faster and louder.
And then it stopped.
“Joan..”, a raspy voice whispered. “JOAN!”, it repeated again. It sounded like the speaker was talking right into her ear, but no one was there.
She gathered as much strength as she could, and answered. Her voice was squeaky and panicked. “Yes?”
“Ah, Joan. I have waited so long ... we will finally be together.” the voice dripped with evil. It sounded like something that had come back from the dead.
What is going on??? she wondered.
“You will come with me,” it continued, “You will be mine forever. But if anyone asks, it was just a bad dream...”
The room groaned and twisted.
The windows swung open.
The items on her shelves trembled, cracked, fell.
And then everything went black.
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