Chapter 1 - Calibri Rose
“Calibri!” Kayla yelled from upstairs.
“Yes?!” Calibri glanced up at the silver balcony on which her elder sister was standing. The sun shone right at her face, and the girl had to shield her eyes. “What is it?”
“Oh, well... mother says that you haven’t long before lunch. So, to be direct - hurry up and finish your painting!”
Kayla was suddenly gone from view, and the balcony was empty once again.
Calibri shuddered, the soft breeze ruffling her chestnut-brown hair, after which whipping it at her pale face. She moved her hand, securing the lock of hair behind her ear. Sighing faintly, Calibri turned back to her empty canvas. What was she to draw? What was something special, something nobody had ever thought of before?
“Maybe, I could draw an abstract painting? But... no, I’d rather hang it up in the Great Corridor, and my parents do not get the meaning of a picture with just random lines and shapes...” frowning, a line seemed to crease Calibri’s forehead, her eyes focused on the canvas. “What about a spectacular sunset?” Suddenly, the girl’s face seemed to lighten up. “Why, of course!”
She had started her work once again; picking up a light pencil, she tried moving her legs soundlessly as she admired her sketch from every angle, for she knew that if she created a commotion, or rather, the tiniest sound, her mother would find out. And that wouldn’t end well - for the painting was supposed to be a complete surprise to all of the family members, including Kayla.
Calibri picked up her paints. Stroking the canvas lightly with her thin brush created delicate patterns, ones that Calibri was proud to say that she had invented herself. Nevertheless, as she worked,slowly but steadily, something in her heart seemed to ache. It was right at the bottom of her heart, but it seemed not too small. It was like a slight shadow, a darkness, a nothingness. For deep down, Calibri knew that her parents did not care what she did - all they minded was their business, which really hurt.
Since she was a baby, they stopped caring about her. Nowadays, they even forgot her birthday. They had became stricter day by day, their faces more thin, their features sharper than before. Soon, her mother’s melancholy voice was usually nothing but a growl, occasionally slightly softened. Her father, too, became more of a stranger to her, with him nearly never talking to anyone. Calibri knew that Kayla was going to move out of their giant, rich mansion sooner or later. After all, Kayla was seventeen, and had already been talking for a solid year about leaving her family and traveling around the world in search for her “one and only”. In fact, she was not embarrassed to admit to her her own sister’s face that their parents were unfathomable strangers, and that she cared about no one in her life... except, maybe, Calibri, who she swore she hated with all her heart not long ago.
But... no, Calibri was eleven. Yeah, right - a long time before she could move out and become a professional painter - maybe, even, a pianist. And that was probably the main reason why she felt as though she was in jail at the big mansion. No, it was safe to say that she had a wide circle of friends at school. But something seemed to be off about her life, a part to the puzzle that she was still looking for.
And now, as Calibri finished her painting, her heart thudding proudly, a light bulb seemed to suddenly switch on in her head. “I think I know what’s missing,” she whispered.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Calibri’s Time

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