Just some short STORIEs INTRODUCTIONS that I MAY someday CONTINUE
Short Stories
His ship had been tossed and turned across the cruel oceans, far from its destination, until it finally slammed into the rocks. He was the only survivor and and been tossed around the dark waters until he reached the island. Icy wind slashed at his face and the rain drummed on his as he tried to get his bearings on the isolated beach.
Slowly, he pulled himself up into the wet sand and out of the rolling waves. He collapsed on the beach, exhausted and soaked, and soon drifted into a deep slumber, oblivious of where he was, with waves dancing at his feet.
His heavy lidded eyes searched along the white sanded beach and towards the trees. Where was he? Groaning, he lifted himself up and shakily stood. The storms had left and a warm sun shone down onto his bruised body. He staggered along the beach, aimlessly.
It was then he saw it. His ship crushed against the jagged rocks, just off the shore. What was that? Was he seeing things? Was that a girl waving on the deck if the ship?
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