What if the Sea Witch had a daughter?
Under the Sea
A Short History Lesson
So, before I begin the story, I’m going to give you a short history lesson. Rest assured, this is not your typical history lesson.
My name is Oceana Witch. I’m thirteen years old. I have long golden - brown hair, ocean blue eyes, and am 5’3.
Oh, and I’m also a mermaid.
Anyway, let’s get started.
This story begins at the beginning of time as we know it. Mermaids roamed the seas, fairies filled the sky, and goblins, monsters, and all sorts of creatures lurked in the woods. Sadly, the fairies, goblins, and monsters all died out.
It was a disease. It spread rapidly. It first caused you to have complications breathing. Then you lost all the energy you had left. Eventually, you died. The mermaids never caught it because we don’t breathe the same way Afters (that’s what we call people who live on land) do.
The days that the disease was at its peak were terrifying. The mermaids were paranoid that we would get it, too. Then came the Prophecy.
A witch was using her magic potions and such to transport her directly to the future. Then, as she told the mermaids, she could figure out when the disease would be gone and if we could catch it. She came back weak and shaking.
“I have seen the future,” She whispered to the small crowd surrounding her. Personally, I always thought she sounded a bit overdramatic.
“In the future, mermaids do not catch the disease.”
Cheering broke out as she said this.
“We have something far worse in store for us.”
The crowd became silent.
“One of us will bring destruction onto all of us.”
“Why?” A woman from the crowd was speaking.
The witch glared at the mermaids. Her gaze swept across the crowd once, twice, as if daring any of them to speak.
“For power.”
The mermaids gasped.
“Can you give us any clues? Who might it be?” Someone said.
“It is a mother, that’s all I know.” She said, her voice still shaking. I have seen... terrible things.”
Now, I wasn’t there, but I can envision my mother cackling in the background. Taking over the world was precisely what she planned to do. So all she had to do was make sure that she was the one in the Prophecy by becoming a mother.
So here I am.
Anyway, shortly after I was born, my mother decided to make the people trust her, all while deceiving, harming, and pretty much murdering them. She became a helper, a healer. But her prices were high. She took in many people. They all were healed or helped, but none of them could pay. So they were all transformed into sea foam, my mother’s punishment for stealing.
So if you ever find out about my sea foam phobia as a little kid, now you know why.
Then came Coral.
She was a vain princess, who had heard many stories about love. She had spotted a sailor and thought for sure it was love. She had sang to him and the two had talked for hours. Honestly, the only reason I think she chose that particular sailor as her “love” was because he was a prince. How greedy.
Unfortunately, the prince was a human. So Coral went to my mother and asked for help. My mother agreed. But she said that if Coral did not kiss the prince in three days, Coral would be transformed into sea foam. And she asked for Coral’s voice as the price.
Sure, Coral must have thought. My voice is a small price to pay in comparison to the millions I will receive as queen. And who WOULDN’T kiss someone like ME?
Unfortunately, my mother is pretty good at what she does. Coral was very smart (courtesy of all her private tutors) but she did not understand communicating without her voice.
Mostly because she was one of those stereotypical girly-girls that gab away all the time.
So my mother turned her into a human. However, it wasn’t that simple. She had a plan.
Coral had planned to marry a prince. Therefore, earning lots of money and becoming queen. As in, ruler of a whole country.
Now THAT’S what my mother wanted.
All she had to do was pretend to be Coral and kiss the prince.
Not only that, but she knew that the king of the seven seas was looking for a queen. A queen who was royalty.
So all she had to do was kill off her husband and marry the king. Then she had to kill off the king and presto! She was queen of the seven seas.
And her plan worked... to a point. Coral was transformed into sea foam, my mother got her kiss, but then things went downhill. Coral’s father, the king, turned her back. So she fell in love with the prince again, blah blah blah, and soon my mother was out of the picture, back to her cave under the sea.
With me. ARGH. My mother hates me. And the feeling is mutual, I assure you.
Hey, YOU try living with a... monster.
If you haven’t figured out already, (it’s kind of obvious) Coral is the Little Mermaid.
And my mother is the Sea Witch.
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