“but daddy....I’m scared!”
I’m scared
Come on,Bet,we have to go to sleep”!Mr.Janee sighed as he carried a girl in his arms.”Daddy,I don’t want to go to sleep!”Beatrice cried as she struggled to get out of his grasp.”I’ll tell you a story”he said,smiling. Beatrice finally agreed to go to sleep.”well,once upon a time,there was a hole in the ground.....”
Beatrice listened carefully as her Dad told her a story. Tomorrow was her first day of school and her best friend,Mila,wouldn’t be with her. She was nervous, but still excited. But the nervouseness took over the excitement. What would she do without her mom giving her advice on how to make friends? Tears filled her eyes as memory’s of her mother filled her head. Her father noticed the tears and slowly wiped them away.
“Bet,what’s wrong?”he asked. She burst into sobs.”Why did moma have to leave so soon?”she cried into her blankets. The father smiled and wiped her tears again.”it’s going to be alright”he said.”but daddy...I’m scared!”she said, looking at her dad with red eyes. Her dad patted her head.”I’ll tell you a different story”he smiled,and took a deep breath before beginning.
“Sweetie,I miss mom too. I missed the way she tucked you in bed and told you amazing story’s. I missed the way how she laughed,smiled,and talked. I miss the way she made you smile warmly and widely. I miss the way she always made things better when it got worse. I miss the way she made life so much better. I miss the way she loved us. And I know how you feel,and she’s always here. She might be watching us,like an angel through the sky. And she’s watching us,taking care of us even though she’s gone. But you should be happy that she’s happy. And I know she’s always here,anywhere,anytime. Right in here”he said,pointing at Beatrice’s tiny little heart. She smiled and wiped her own tears.
“I miss mom too,darling. And I’m happy she’s in a better place. Now we just have to move on. Okay?”he said. Bet nodded and fell asleep. Her father closed the door. And right through her heart,Bet felt a surge of energy flowing through that beating heart. Love. Hope. Respect. And warmth,warmth that reminded her of her mothers hugs. And she felt someone wrap their arms around her,and a fimiliar voice whispered into her small ear:
“I love you. I miss you”
Beatrice smiled as one of her moms kisses touched her forehead. Bet turned around and hugged her mother back, now knowing that she was in a better place. And that she still was with them,all in her heart.
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