She Looks at Symtra with a large grin and sayS...
“Dare You To Jump!”
“AHH!! The pizza is burning!” Symtra yells.
“The pizza!” Josh yells.
Smoke fills up inside the oven.
“I got it!” Zoey yells, she runs over to the oven and opens the door. She reaches for the pan the pizza was cooking in. She jerks her hand back.
“OWW! Hot!” She says, holding her hand.
Olivia comes over quietly with oven mitts and pulls out the pizza. She places the tray on the bench and examines Zoey’s hand.
“It’s just a small burn.” She says in her quiet voice. “Try pouring some cold water on it.”
“Seriously Symtra?! You almost burned the kitchen down!” Zac yells, getting up from the couch.
“I’m sorry.” Symtra says quietly.
“You’d better be.” Zac continues. “Because I swear if-“
“Zac, cut it out.” Josh says firmly. “This is just you’re anger problems kicking in.”
Zac takes a deep breath and lets it out.
“I’m sorry Symtra, I just... you know...” Zac says apologetically.
“It’s fine, I know you lose your temper quickly.” Symtra says with a smile.
Oh, hello there. I am the narrator, although you might see the POV of some characters throughout the book. Meet the crazy gang. Zac, Zoey, Olivia, Josh and Symtra. She is who you may call the main character and as you can probably tell already, she’s a little... or a lotta... clumsy.
Olivia looks at the pizza and picks up a slice.
“It’s very hot! But only the crusts look burnt, luckily.” Olivia says quietly.
“I’m really sorry you guys.” Symtra says, feeling bad as she takes a slice.
“Mmm... still tastes like heaven.” Zoey says, her mouth full of half-chewed pizza.
“Remember when we met you girls in grade 7 and Symtra spilled orange juice all over me.” Josh says with a laugh.
“Anyway, I’m glad that happened, because if it didn’t, we wouldn’t have met you guys.” Zac says.
“Or remember when Symtra, Olivia and I were in grade 3 and we drew all over each other... in permanent marker.” Zoey says.
“Oh... I remember that.” Olivia says slowly.
The gang breaks out into laughter.
“Anyway, lets go watch that movie!” Zac says, running back to the couch.
“We’re not all gonna fit on this couch.” Symtra says.
“Watch us!” Zoey says, jumping on the couch.
Olivia and Josh jump on the couch as well.
“Okay, fine.” Symtra says, hopping on the couch.
“Wait...” Olivia says.
The couch wobbles.
“Uh oh.” Zac says.
With no warning, the couch suddenly falls backwards and everyone falls off. Then they all break out into laughter.
“I told you so!” Symtra says between giggles.
“Yeah, you did.” Zoey says. “OW!!!”
Zoey hits her head on one of the tables beside the couch. The photo of Symtra’s mother wobbles. Symtra gasps. The photo falls... and Zoey catches it. Symtra sighs with relief.
“Here.” Zoey says, giving the photo to Symtra.
“Thanks.” Symtra says, staring at the photo.
Symtra’s mother went missing way before Symtra entered university. Everyone assumes that she is dead... but they never found her body.
The only thing Symtra remembers aside from that her name started with ‘S’, is that when Symtra was a baby, there was a flash of light and her mother was gone.
Symtra shakes her head and places the photo back on the table.
“How is your head?” She asks Zoey.
“Okay, just feel a little light-headed.” She says.
“Can you stand up?” Zac asks.
“Totally.” Zoey says, getting up quickly.
But she looks dazed and falls against a wall. The wall makes a clicking sound.
“What was that?”Josh asks.
Olivia senses danger.
“Zoey, get out of there!” Olivia says.
Zoey tries to move away from the wall when the floor falls beneath her!
“ZOEY!!!” Symtra yells, running to the hole.
“Stop!” Zac says, grabbing her arm before she could fall down.
“I don’t care!” Symtra yells, pulling away from him.
“Wait!” Josh says.
Too late, Symtra jumps down the hole. She falls for 2 or 3 seconds before landing on her butt. She stands up, a little in pain, and looks around for Zoey.
“Zoey!” She calls. “Zo? Where are you?”
“Over here!” Zoey calls.
The room is pitch black, Symtra nor Zoey can see anything. Eventually, they find each other.
“Symtra!” Zoey says.
“Zoey!” Symtra says.
Thy hug each other.
“Are you okay?” Symtra asks.
“I was about to ask you the same thing!” Zoey says.
“Are you guys okay?” Zac calls from the top of the hole.
“Yeah.” Zoey calls.
“We’re coming down!” Josh says.
Josh, Zac and Olivia jump down.
“Ow!!” Olivia says.
“Sorry!” Zac says.
“Guys!” Symtra says, running over to them.
Suddenly a bright light appears, everyone is temporarily blinded. They all squeal and run into each other. The blindness wears off and Olivia sees something.
“Guys, what’s that?” She asks.
The others see it and walk over. It is what looks like a mini swimming pool, but there is no water, just blackness. Josh stands at the edge
“What on earth is-“
Josh gets sucked in! Everyone screams.
“What do we do!?” Zac yells.
“Get him!” Olivia yells.
Olivia tries to stand closer to the ‘thing’ but gets sucked in as well!
“Olivia!” Symtra squeals.
Zac gets sucked in too!
“We have to save them!” Zoey says.
She looks at Symtra with a large grin and says.
“Dare you to jump!”
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