the first volume of the dark gale series
Dark Gale I: Abyss
He stood at the top of the skyscraper, looking down in sorrow. The blank stare, it’s almost as if he doesn’t have the will to live. No sense of purpose, no sense of motivation. Not even a sense of fear.
The sky is grey, covered in a sea of clouds. Not a hint of sunlight can be seen illuminating the ground. There is no evidence of clear patches that shows what the actual sky looks like. The above is nothing but mono colored clouds with the intentions of covering the truth of what’s beyond.
The air may be clear; the wind may be steady. But there is something more than just a quiet scenery. Who knows what it is. If the mystery only causes more sense of curiosity, then it is better left unsolved. What’s important is not about finding ones’ origin of mannerism. But it is the ambiguous feeling of anxiety with no logical explanation, that can cause disruption to ones’ state of mind: corruption. It is important, to find a way to prevent that from happening. Even if the rate of success for such progression is and always be a very low one.
He has a black, unkempt wavy hair with a slight hint of white. He wears a black long sleeve shirt and long pants with slender build.
Still looking down into the far ground below, he let out a sigh. He then take a deep breath, and then put his right foot forward. After a second, his whole body was facing forward into the ground as he fall. He let everything, including both of his hands and legs, involuntary against the physics of falling.
The only thing that he can hear right now is the aggressive force of wind that accumulates around his body as he falls down into the ground. And after a moment, everything went blank. The next time he sees light, he find himself at the same place as where he stood before he went for his free fall.
Falling to his death, just to come back.
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