You’re a pretty little darling,
But that’s not enough for you,
You live for the money, the power,
That’s all that you do,
You have this stunning smile,
But you only show your frown,
When you don’t have the popularity or gold,
That everyone wants now,
You like the Hollywood stars,
Change to be like them,
Get those expensive clothes and makeup,
Even though you can’t afford it,
The big names in lights,
You so want to replace,
Gotta have everyone around you,
Recognize your face,
But how come those pretty eyes of yours,
Search for the money,
That innocent look you once had,
Turned a greedy sort of ugly,
But you’ve gotta pay them bills,
I know what you mean,
But oh, you’ve got all you could want,
You’ve got all this popularity,
You’ve just changed so much,
Your name is diamond studded,
So tell me, pretty thing,
Don’t you just love it?
Do you like yourself now?
You thirst for more, don’t like what you have,
It’s like you don’t have a message to send,
Just a shame, just so sad,
Do you like the recognition you get?
And all the hate letters that pile up?
Are you still asking for someone to like you?
Are you still asking for more love?
Yeah, you’ve got that million dollar laugh,
But girls stop eating to have a body like yours,
Girls hate themselves and change themselves,
And you are what it’s all for,
But oh, you’re a superstar,
So of course people should care,
Loathe you but love you,
That’s the only reason that you’re there,
So you’re paying your bills now,
You have all of this wonderful money,
You have a sparkling, dazzling, brand new face,
You’re just a darling, honey,
I mean, who could ever hate you?
Dislike someone that’s so smart?
Even though you’re just plastic,
You must still have a heart,
But you took your pride and broke it,
The girl I know is gone,
And if you think you’ve helped the world,
Well honey, I do believe you’re wrong,
You’re shining, bright as can be,
And you’re happy cause you have attention,
But when you slowly feel your heart cave in,
Then darling, you’ve learned your lesson.
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