II Book 1 of The Renaissance Generation Series II
Dawn Of Genesis
“Humans. Pathetic really. So incredibly...easy to manipulate.”
Nearly 500 years ago super-soldiers were engineered to win a war that was destined to never end: the Plagued Death is what the people called it. A war that nearly wiped out 3/4 of the population, devastated wildlife, and nearly obliterated all forestry left on the planet.
Using the same formula, scientists created people who could do extraordinary things that would restore the world as it used to be. People who could move objects with their mind, manipulate the earth, grow trees with the snap of their fingers. People who were gods amongst peasants, yet they hung on strings, barely having any freedom.
That is, until, an experiment goes horribly wrong. Xavier Thane was one of many to become the new generation of restoration: Generation 10.R. Scientists performed the same procedure on him, intending for him to be an electryte, someone who would rebuild power lines across the entire globe. The same procedure, yet somehow it made him more powerful than the rest of them.
He was like a human battery to them, a person who was surging with electricity at his fingertips, power in his hands. So they kept him, as a battery, for 10 long years. It was an honorable thing, barely thought of as inhumane; his very being powering countries for a decade.
A decade that soon ends with a sassy mercenary who accidentally finds out the truth about Xavier. With the truth out, all hell breaks loose.
One of the most powerful beings in the universe is out from containment with only one thought in mind: revenge.

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