By the Author of the Hero Academy Trilogy
“I can’t do this, Nick. I don’t know what I was thinking,” I told my best friend through a walkie-talkie we found yesterday.
“Yes, you can, Ben,” Nick assuredly responded. “Just remember how I trained you for those bad situations. Remember, I’ll be right here to back you up if anything goes wrong, buddy. Okay?”
With shaky hands, I lifted the walkie-talkie to my mouth and answered, “Okay.”
Leaning down to grab a few wildflowers growing on the grass, I made my way to the kindergarten playground, and toward my secret crush. Jessica Joy Walker.
The flowers grew bigger and their shade turned brighter as I held them in my hands, partly because I secretly have the power to make plants grow.
Jessica Joy had her brown hair put into pigtails, and her bright smile seemed to light everything up with color. She had moved here a week ago, and she’s already popular among the kindergartners.
My crush had her back to me, and she was goofing off with some of her friends. Clearing my throat and putting the wildflowers behind my back, I asked, “Hey, Jessica? Jessica Joy?”
Jessica Joy turned around to face me, and replied, “Hi, Ben!”
She knew my name. Jessica Joy knew my name.
Bringing the flowers out from behind my back, I told her, “These are for you.”
Jessica Joy squealed with delight as I handed them to her. “Thank you, Ben! They’re so pretty!”
I shyly looked down at my feet. “Do you want to be friends with me? Because I do,” Jessica Joy asked, perking me up. I nodded.
Jessica Joy smiled before skipping off to join some of her other friends. “Call me J.J. It’s what my friends call me. I’ll see you later, Ben!”
Nick ran up beside me and gave me a high-five. “You two are friends now? Awesome! Now come on, I want to go play tag with the first graders.”
Taking one last look at J.J, I went to go join Ben with the first graders.
Ten Years Later
Spectra and I ran to meet the villain, who was wielding a large mace.
“Are you ready, Spectra?” I call out to my super-powered friend. She gave me a smile back.
“Of course, Branch. Why wouldn’t I be?” she answered.
Branch. That was my superhero name that was given to me after I defeated one of my opponents with a branch I had grown in my hands.
I shrugged back to my friend. “I honestly don’t know why I was asking,” I told her.
Spectra laughed and ran ahead of me. She shot a flurry of colors from her hand, letting the colors find their way to our enemy.
The man wielding the mace blocked the colors with his mace, so I took this chance to grow a vine around his mace and whip it back towards me.
The man looked scared now that we took his mace away. Spectra shot the color green at the villain, making him fall over onto the sidewalk.
The villain tried to flee, but I wrapped a vine around him that shot up from the ground.
“Nice work, Spectra,” I told my best friend when we had handed him over to the police.
“You can call me J.J now, you know. Our work is here done, Ben. You don’t have to call me by my superhero name any more,” J.J responded.
I smiled. A few days after the day we met, we weren’t just friends. We were super-powered friends. Best friends. J.J had found out that I had plant powers, and I found out that she had the power to make colors in her hands and use them to fight.
Putting my arm around her shoulder, we began to walk down a sidewalk together. Suddenly, we heard someone sing, “J.J and Ben, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.”
Both of us turned to see Bryce, J.J’s older brother. He’s the only one that knows about our secret powers, and he knows that we like each other. “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes-“ Bryce continued before J.J walked up to him.
“Dude, stop it!” J.J playfully remarked, covering his mouth so he couldn’t finish.
“Okay, fine, I’ll stop!” Bryce laughed, pulling his sister’s hand off his mouth.
I walked up to the two and grabbed J.J’s light brown hand. “Come on, let’s go. We lovebirds don’t need to be around regular people without super powers,” I joked.
J.J and Bryce both laughed as J.J and I ran off together, just like best friends would.
Or like a boyfriend and girlfriend would, I guess.
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