What’s life like on the planet of mercury?
Chapter 1
Ring! Ring! The dismissal bell rang at Cherry Oaks Middle School. All of the children frantically stuffed their wind weights into their coat and backpack pockets. Then, they threw their backpacks over the shoulders, and pulled their hoods over their faces. Life on Mercury was hard. Mercury was very windy. You may think it’s windy when leaves start blowing in your face, but that’s nothing compared to the windiness on Mercury. Everyone has to shove weights into their pockets, so they won’t fall over. Everyone’s house had to be very strong, so it wouldn’t blow away or get damaged when the wind storms hit.
“Galaxy! You forgot a wind weight!” yelled a teacher.
Ugh. thought Galaxy. What were my parents thinking when they named us? Galaxy grabbed the wind weight. Galaxy and his twin sister, Midnight, braced themselves for the cold, strong wind. Galaxy pushed open the doors. The wind blew right into their faces. They felt like they had been hit by a wall of bricks.
It was Ricki’s first day of school on Mercury. He got lucky. He hadn’t been outside since the Still. The Still is when everyone on Mercury has to stay indoors. Since it is always windy on Mercury, one time a year, there is basically no breeze. If you start to stay outside for a few minutes during the Still, it feels like you are trying to breathe underwater but the water keeps smothering you and you start to panic. Ricki knew it was windy, but he didn’t know how windy. It seemed like the wind was trying tug his hair out of his scalp. The wind sounded like a train, bolting straight toward him, demolishing everything in it’s path like a bulldozer. It felt like the inside of his head was screaming at him “Get inside!”. His eyes felt like they were going to shoot out of his head like a missile. He was freezing and his head was throbbing. Ricki hated it here already.
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