Kona And Kip are twins. Double the trouble.
Deal With It
Chapter One: Sisterly Love
How wonderful. I come into my lab only to find a prank. By my sister, Kona. She sprayed Silly String all over my lab. The test tubes, the boxes, the desks, the inventions.
“Hiya bro!” Kona says, walking into my lab. “Like what I did to the place? It really gives it a splash of color.”
“Or a string of color,” I mutter.
“Sisterly love,” she giggles. “Now, I need your help.”
“And why would I give you help?” I ask, pulling off strings of Silly String off my latest invention, the Shrink-A-Zoid 9000.
“Because ya love me,” Kona replies. “And I know how to get you those beaver bolts you’re wanting.”
Beaver bolts! The last tool I need for the Shrink-A-Zoid 9000. I can’t turn down that offer. “Fine,” I say. “What do you want?”
“I need to use one of your inventions,” Kona says.
“Which one?”
“The, uh, Neon Zappy Do-hicky.”
“You mean the Electric Neon Convolter?”
“Ya, that thing,” Kona says, rolling her eyes.
“Why do you even need it?” I ask.
She doesn’t answer for a few seconds, then says, “No reason.”
“ARGH! Kona, you anger me in ways I can even understand!”
“Hey! Do you want those beaver bolts or not?”
“Ugh, fine, here,” I say, carefully placing the Electric Neon Convolter in her yellow hands. She skips off. I cringe, hoping she doesn’t drop it.
We’ve never really gotten along.
I remember that one time when we both were 8. Our parents took us to the beach, and Kona happened to find a very dangerous sea creature. Being Kona, she sneaked up behind me and said, “Hey bro! Check out what I found!”
Let’s just say I don’t go to that beach any more.
Discovering that your sister is using your bed as a home for some odd creature is very frightening.
“What in the world are you doing?!” I exclaim.
“Feeding my new pet, duh,” Kona replies.
“What kind of pet?” I ask.
“Oh, just an.... Octo-Puppy!” Kona says, showing me a golden retriever with squid legs.
That is just an example of a weird, hybrid creature on our planet.
“Where did you find that?!” I exclaim, looking into it’s orange eyes.
“Near the lake,” Kona says. “Now help me hide him. Mom’s coming in to make sure we brushed our teeth.”
We find a good spot for the Octo-Puppy, in our closet underneath some hats and slippers.
Kona goes to bed that night cuddling Squirt, the Octo-Puppy. I go to bed with squid ink all over my pillow and sheets. How wonderful.

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