Letters to a friend
Dear Emma,
May 19th
Dear Emma,
It’s been a week since the cancer took you. It hurts. The thought of you, in a cramped box for the rest of time. The thought of never hearing your cute little laugh again. The therapist says writing all of this down will help, but I don’t think so. It makes me think too much. I don’t want to forget you, but I wish that I could just... put you out of my mind. It makes me sad, and you know I can’t control my tears. Oh, Emma. I know they had to do it. I know they had to unplug you, and that you wouldn’t have wanted to live asleep your entire life, attached to tubes. You were so frail in the hospital. I’m secretly glad that the funeral will be closed casket. I want to remember you as the girl who loved life, and books, and hot cocoa. Not the girl in the hospital, who I barely recognized.
What will I do without you, Emma?
-A friend.
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