The love-letter tag game ~ Part 2 of 5 parts
Dear Joseph
The bell rang and the class filed out to head to their next class. Joseph tried to locate Kaitlin. As he went up on his tippy-toes he saw her talking excitedly with another girl as they rounded the corner. Just then a buddy came up behind him and almost knocked him over. He suddenly felt a ping of panic inside. His new relationship was now two minutes long and was obviously going to continue for the next hour as he had a different class than Kaitlin. What had he done? Could he plead a moment of insanity? The longer he had to wait the more people Kaitlin might tell and her happiness meter would continue to rise. That little pang of panic started to spread.
As he sat down in the back row of his next class he almost asked his best friend for advice. Then he remembered Kaitlin had asked him not to gossip about the love letter. This wouldn’t be gossiping though. But she did say to keep it a secret. However it looked like she was telling one of her friends. Although he didn’t know that for sure. Oh toilet seat covers! What a mess he had created. Maybe the panic would go away. Yeah, he could handle this. They were just friends going to the prom together. That’s all, nothing more. She is nice and she likes him. Everything was fine.
‘Pang’! Except for the fact that he said he loved her! Or did he say he ‘thought’ he might love her? Could he have accidentally said ‘like’ instead of love by some miracle?
“Dude!” Said his friend loudly.
“What?” Joseph replied annoyed.
His friend pointed to the front of the room where his teacher was standing with his arms crossed staring at him. “Are you here or not Mr. Cordelli? Because frankly I’m not sure you are,” said his teacher.
“I’m here sir,” said Joseph embarrassed. As there were snickers around the room.
“Glad to have you back,” said the teacher who then finished up the roll call.
As the class continued Joseph tried to figure things out. Maybe he could write her a nice letter. Make it clear that they are just friends. Yeah that sounded good.
He quietly slipped out a piece of paper.
“Dear Kaitlin,
I really like you and I am excited for the prom. I think we will have a really great time. I don’t want this to come off the wrong way, it’s just that I may have said I love you when I should have said like. I want to really mean it when I say it. I thought I meant it but we really don’t know each other yet. The prom will technically be our first date. I’m just saying let’s get to know each other before we start throwing an important word like love around. I hope you aren’t disappointed or think I’m weird or anything.
Friends? -Joseph
Part 1: atriana18 Part 2: figment68 *I tag...Alyssa99999
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