Dear Lost
March 5th, 2018
Dear Mia. (Tears blot the page, smearing the words.)
I wish I never lost you, I wish you where still by me, I wish so many things would be different. I still can’t stop wishing that it was all a bad dream, that you would come into the room and kiss my forehead, your lipstick leaving a stain. I can still feel the euphoria that I felt when you kissed me for the first time, your warm, soft lips pressing on mine. Mia, if your reading this, I miss you more than anything, more than that lemon stick ice-cream at the Charmery that they only have in May. I remember I told you that would need to be the desert for our wedding, the wedding we never had. I hope, where ever you are, you are thinking about me, I sure am.
With enough love to last a lifetime, Vincent.
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