Dear Mum
Elspeth has a homework assignment. The teacher’s instructions are simple: Write a thank you letter. That’s it! A thank you letter. No more, no less. Elspeth has sat here now for over two hours trying to think of what to write. She has made a list of possible thank you letters, but none inspire her one little bit. Just looking at the list makes Elspeth feel sad. Sadder!
Here’s her list:
Thanks for Christmas/Birthday presents. Boring!
Thanks to God. Stacey Spence doing this one!
Thanks to teacher. Nearly everyone else doing this!
Thanks for being a friend. Haven’t been much of a friend lately, have I?
Elspeth pauses, chews the end of her pencil, grimaces as the taste of lead enters her mouth, and writes ...
Dear Mum,
She pushes her long plait away from her face and continues.
Thank you for buying me Jasper. He’s the best dog in the world.
Thank you for brushing my awful tangled hair when I was small. You spent hours and hours making it shiny and smooth.
Thanks for teaching me how to pace myself. I’d never have won those races without your advice and those lengthy training sessions.
Thank you, Mum for showing me the city wasn’t a big, scary place after all. I do feel at home here now, although I still prefer the countryside.
I get my love of nature from you, Mum. So thanks for that too.
Thanks for taking Jasper and me to the beach last summer. That was a magical day!
Oh, and thanks for telling me to dream big and fly high. I feel I can do anything because of you.
Dad and I placed a bench in the park. That place you called ‘your little escape from the hustle and bustle’. Dad said it was a way of saying thank you for your life. When I sit there, sometimes it seems you’re here with us again.
I miss you, Mum. I really do.
But I’m grateful to you and all you did. I’m grateful for the time we shared, for the things you showed me, and the lessons I learned.
So thanks, Mum
for being you.
Love always,
Elspeth wipes her eyes and shuts her homework book. She looks at the photo of her mum - her favourite one.
She opens her book again, finds the page and writes ...
P.S. Thanks for helping with my homework, Mum
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