part 2
Dear Owner
A tag game part #2
Dear Kennedy
dear Kennedy, it’s me Mr fuzzy paws and I would like to tell you some things, now I guess you could say these are complaints but I like to call theme.......uh suggestions.
Firstly I would like to talk about you. You are a very loving kind and sweet person, and sometimes you are nice to me, I am not going to lie but sometimes you can actually be very offensive and I don’t think you even now. you will sometimes use the term “BAD CAT” and like I said I don’t think you now but that is one of the worst things you can say to a cat, so as a suggestion please stop saying that word.
secondly my food, if you can even call it that, it is hard dry flavorless and always the same, could you please change it to maybe something like that tasty and salty thing that you humans call cheese, or maybe those sweet things that come in that bag that I only get when I listen to the command “sit boy” or since I am an easy cat maybe you could just mix it with that soft salty and juicy meaty food you occasionally give me that comes from a metal unopeneble can.
thirdly I would like to ask you why can I not eat the bird in the cage I mean he is so miserable if you let me eat it you would liberate him and me, plus he is so noisy.
now I could go on for hours ranting and raving about what I don’t like and I do like about you but I won’t. so overall you are great, but these are just a few things I would like you to change.
sincerely your handsome cute and cuddly kitty Mr fuzzy paws.
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